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Erection Length Vs Stretched Flaccid Length

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  • Erection Length Vs Stretched Flaccid Length

    So, the question is simple as that...

    I know flaccid lengths usually come first but is that a rule?
    Can your EL be bigger than your maximum stretched FL or this max stretch will always tell you how big your EL can be at that given period?

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    If EL gains come first, they're not the result of actual growth but of an improved EQ. The max stretch of flaccid length has a lot to do with how warm the tissues are on any given day when measurements are taken; the warmer, then the better the stretch. Flaccid length gains tend to show sooner than EL gains simply because your EQ is usually playing catch-up with your gains in terms of stretched tissues. As your EQ catches up, then your EL gains will be mirroring your stretched flaccid gains.