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Need a good kegel/reverse kegel routine

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  • Need a good kegel/reverse kegel routine

    Hiya I'm new here. I recently learnt of kegels and I've been doing them and have certainly found that my erection strength has increased, and quite well at that. However, unfortunately I'm prone to overtraining. When I overtrain my erection becomes really weak and the cum dribbles out pathetically. Conversely when I'm doing well with the training, my erection is rock-solid and the cum shoots out. Before kegelling, my cum never used to shoot out and the last time I got this hard was probably in my early teens.

    I finally found a good kegelling routine for myself and I've been at it for about three weeks since starting again after a long time. I do 25 3-5 second kegels and then take a break for thirty seconds to a minute. Then I do 10 more (but my PC is more worked by this point so I only hold them for about 2 seconds) and then take another break. The last ten are quick contractions because I can feel that my PC has been worked and can't make as strong contractions as before. In total that's 50 and I do this every other day. Right now daily kegels are overkill for me. I don't understand why my PC is so sensitive to kegels but on the plus side, the changes in erection strength have been nothing short of dramatic. Apparently most people take months to see results but I saw them in just about two weeks.

    So... somebody told me today on another forum that if I don't 'reverse kegel,' I can suffer from premature ejaculation because the PC becomes 'unbalanced.' Obviously that's something I want to avoid. Personally I don't think I've really felt as though the kegels I've done have lead to faster ejaculations but I've been reading around these forums searching for info and I have felt the involuntary contractions that supposedly occur when your PC isn't in balance. My questions are as follows:

    1) What's a good kegel/reverse kegel routine bearing in mind that I tend to overtrain very easily and I've found that 50 kegels done every other day are currently what's best for me?

    2) For those of you who do kegels without reverse kegels, have you found that this has lead to premature ejaculation at all?

    3) Will reverse kegels ruin some of the potency/erection quality I've achieved just by doing kegels? Since it's 'reverse,' it makes me think that it will reduce some of the erection strength... am I wrong?

    Thank you!
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