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Shifting awareness away from dick while using extender

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  • Shifting awareness away from dick while using extender

    Hi guys,

    I'm now getting into routine of wearing extender, after struggling to find at least somewhat decent way to keep the extender from slipping off.

    Now while wearing it and having the stretch on my dick, it draws my awareness to my dick. When trying to focus on work, the stretch still keeps part of my awareness on my dick. And when I allow my awareness to feel my dick (happens every 20-30 seconds or so), I feel also blood starting to pack to it.

    So my question is, is this just a newbie issue, or will one be able to not have the awareness constantly in one's dick, but really be able to forget about it and fully focus on work after some time? And if so, how much time it took for you to forget about this dangling thing there? And have you had to utilize some mindfullness techniques to keep your mind focused on work rather than constantly on your dick?

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    I shifted from Pro Extender to vacuum based extender. What a huge difference in the comfort. The previous one with the silicon loop fastening with gauze cloth was very uncomfortable and disturbing.

    Now that I got the vacuum system, it does not disturb my other activities and my awareness is not constantly in the dick, like it was with this other model. This I could wear even the whole day!