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Question Regarding Flaccid or Semi-Hard

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  • Question Regarding Flaccid or Semi-Hard

    Have any of you guys seen videos of male strippers, i.e. “Loverboys?”

    it seems those guys have 75-85% erection at all times. I like the way mine looks in this state the best.

    They literally dance around for 30 minutes and keep their members in this state, HOW!?!

    It takes all of 3-5 mins for me to go from erection to normal.

    How on earth do they keep it there without getting wood or going soft???

    Do you get that Chubb if you pump?

    possibly, injections??

    I’d love to get an hour or 2 a day where it just stays at 75-85%!!!

    wasn’t sure where to post this, thanks!!