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    I've had decreasing EQ the past 2 days of unknown origin. Since I started 8 weeks ago, I have had better EQ than when I started. On Friday, I had the best EQ since i started. Then saturday, it was still good but not as good as friday. On sunday, I could barely get a good erection do my routine. On monday during masturbation, I was the softest I've seen myself since starting to PE. Also, in the past 2 days I've had a smaller flaccid. The only thing I had changed was I started to kegel like crazy on friday.

    To be fair, here are my PI's: woke up with morning erections each morning (eq6). had a few spontaneous erections while sitting down.

    1) is this because I haven't done a routine since thursday? Could it be my ED starting to creep its ugly head again?

    2) or is my penis finally feeling overworked?
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    Are you feeling stressed at all? Stress can manifest itself in many ways, one of them being decreased EQ. Unfortunately decreasing EQ can be a destructive cycle: successive decreases in EQ makes you worry more about it, eliciting increases in stress levels. What is your routine?


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      Not overly stressed about my EQ in any ways, and i've been way more stressed about it in my life that's for sure. But I am nervous about an exam coming up at the end of the week. As a consequence, my sleep schedule has been off as well. Getting about an hour less than I normally do.

      I do jp90 routine either 2/1 or 5/2 depending how my schedule allows.

      What can I do to get out of this destructive cycle?
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        ED can be a tough nut to crack sometimes, there are so many things that can impact it. Sleep, diet, stress, medication, your mind etc, etc.
        When its not physical, rest and time should do the trick, and of course trying not to worry over it. Of course thats easier said then done...huh. It will come back to you, just wait and see


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          Thanks guys! I will try not to think about it for the next few days and just get past this exam. I assume I'll just know when the problem has left my consciousness.

          While I have posted a thread here, maybe I can ask a question I've been dying to ask.

          1) I have noticed that in my flaccid state, I am usually semi-firm. And that when I helicopter or shake it out, my flaccid penis becomes spongy.
          2) When I get as erect as I can, I notice the head of my penis isnt firm. Meaning, it's a spongy feel without being able to feel the corpus cavernosum underneath. While I have read posts here that state it should be firm like the shaft is.

          Do you think that these 2 problems I've noticed are a sign of physical ED? or is this just a variation of normal? Also, is there any thing I can do, now or in the future, to fix these problem issues?
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            "exam"?? hmmmm.

            seems like the problem is in your sub-conscious. let you exam pass, then maybe the stress will subside and your lil-buddy will be hard and throbbing again.
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