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Frustration to the max.

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  • Frustration to the max.

    So apparently 20-50% erection level isn't effective enough for real gains during jelqing.

    I try to get it upto at least 50% erect, but as soon as I start jelqing, just 10 strokes later my boner drops to 20% abouts.

    How the hell am I supposed to concentrate on being hard (min 50% erect) while I jelq? I have to think of some things or sort of arouse myself to get it up and it's effing annoying that when jelqing the boner drops. I mean it's not even that cold here.

    What the hell's wrong with me?
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    JP's suggested EL's- 0-30% for stretching, 30-60% for Jelqing. 40-60% for the "V" Jelqs.
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      i allways jelqed at 20-40% erection
      grab base push forward stop at glans dont let go
      grab base other hand push forward do you feel the blood lump in between your hands?
      as long as your moving the blood its ok
      im gaining...
      if its troubling you try overhand ok grip palm facing down, when your erection levels start to drop slide over the head a few times during jelq while visualizing a bomb ass or Jay Leno wich ever makes you comfortable
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        Yeah don't know who said the 20-50 percent isn't good for jelqs. IMO it's fine and great for length. Whose opinion was this?
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          I agree with Aidan... you can definitely make gains jelqing at that erection level. Since it's a lower erection level, the gains will most likley trend towards length more than girth.
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            I'm in the same situation as you are, but i've been continuing to OK jelq at around 20% erection. I have seen flaccid gains so it works, but at the same time am also annoyed I can't jelq at a higher erection level as I find it feels a lot better around 50-60%. I find that V jelqs allows me to keep a better erection than OK jelqs, find out what works for you, but if the OK jelqs are working keep at it.


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              There was a thread over at thunder's about relatively low erection level jelqing that I basically tried to adhere to, I'll try to find a link...
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                Read a lot, if the link doesn't work, search 'new jelq city' on google.
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                  It's just a downward jelq--that's it really. (new jelq city).
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