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edging trouble gettin to PONR when strokin base slowly

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  • edging trouble gettin to PONR when strokin base slowly

    The problem that I am experiencing with Edging is attempting to stay hard or trying to get to the PoNR while stroking the base slowly, and avoiding the frenulum, and glans like it describes in the session. Are you suppose to just continue stroking the base slowly until you get to that PONR for like 10 minutes ? Because it starts becoming irritating and I start losing focus. Help anyone ?

    What I do is I get the urge after 3 minutes of stroking the base to ejaculate so I move up to the glans, over the glans, and over the frenulum while I am going to ejaculate then move back down to the base and continue on the base until I get to the PONR, is that how your suppose to do it ?
    bpel - 6.435"
    midshaft eg - 4.5"
    base eg - ???

    bpel -
    midshaft eg - 4.5"
    base eg - 4.75"

    short term goal
    bpel - 7.5"
    eg - 5.25"

    long term goal
    The magic 8 by 6 foo.

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    Stroke the entire shaft, some guys are so sensitive they come to ponr quickly even just stroking the base. This is why we start out at the base. But if it is taking 10 m inutes to get to the ponr then your ready to stroke other regions of the shaft.

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