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  • Kegel exercise

    Hi guys,
    I have been kegeling for a long time, my question is everytime i kegel i feel like i'm just squeezing my butt chicks?? i dont think i locate the pc muscle correctly .. i tried to imagine stopping the urine flow, but even then, i feel like i'm just squeezing my ass?? help please.

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    First it is not abut pc muscle it is about whole set of muscles, just call them pelvic floor muscles or whatever.

    Second, place your hand between your anus and your balls, and press lightly, then do a kegel. If you fill that something there is getting harder you are doing it right.

    Third, stimulate yourself till you have a fully erect penis, Now place a light towel or something, then kegel, if you raise it you are doing it right.

    Fourth, during kegels and reverse kegels your anus will clench. If you do a strong kegel your anus will clench, if you do a light one it will clench also but you wont feel it.

    Fifth, by pressing your tongue at the top of your mouth, just behind the upper teeth, bending your toes, pulling your stomach in, and squeezing your butt chicks you are squeezing your kegel harder.

    Also try doing kegel in different possitions, you will notice different things. Also close your eyes and concentrate on that part, sooner or later you will be able to feel that muscle with no problem.

    If I'm wrong somebody will correct mem hope that helps.
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      for longer kegel holds, is the 'jerk' of the penis supposed to stay jerked for the entire length of the kegel, or is it just the initial bob? im under the assumption that 5 second kegels mean the penis is bobbed upward and held for 5 seconds


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        If it is erect, it should stay up but slowly fall down, due to two things:

        1. When you hold a kegel for a longer time erection will slowly subside, especially if you are not at PONR, or extremely aroused.

        2. The muscle itself releases its hold after some time when it is not developed enough.

        Take note that the bobbing is just one of indicators, as you practice more you will be able to feel exactly how hard or/and long you are holding that kegel without any of the indicator except for the muscle itself.

        The general note in everything that is connected to PE is that the careful observation of your body will give you much more information then anybody ever can. People tend to understand routines as just routines and that is a wrong mindset, not only in the beginning but even later on. I didn't mean you in this post i'm just saying generally.
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          Caution towel raises/towel kegels, are an advanced move.


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            Hi i'm new to all this so how do i kegel?


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              You should feel your penis jerk or something.
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                If you use the search button above, you will get many hits.


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                  On longer holds I don't release and start over, but I do re-clinch my muscle. When I do I feel just a slight tug on my pc muscle as it tightens up. I find on my holds of over 20 seconds I do this perhaps every 10 seconds or so. When I re-clinch and nothing happens, I stop the hold.
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                    Originally posted by Pegasus View Post
                    Caution towel raises/towel kegels, are an advanced move.
                    I suppose almost anyone could start with a dry washcloth, but I always worry someone who is not adapted / conditioned will try and use a towel (then get hurt).
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