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Can PE Decrease Erection Quality?

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  • Can PE Decrease Erection Quality?

    I am a new member to the forum and relatively new to PE. I tried Jelqing and Kegels about 5 years ago for only a month. I didn't take measurements, so not sure if I made any real gains.

    My main interest is increasing girth; however, I am concerned about the possible effects on erection quality from certain exercises when done over a long period of time. I am in my mid 20's and have absolutely no issue with solid maxed out erections. I am simply concerned that some girth techniques such as jelqing may reduce the hardness of my erections over time.
    Does anyone have any experience with girth exercises long term and their effect on erection quality?

    *mod note: if I have posted this in the wrong section I apologize as it is my first and will take no offense in the thread being relocated.

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    i was doing PE for nearly 3 years now, i started since the fall of 2007. my dick is the thickest, longest and simply put the meatiest piece of beef i ever owned. i owe this to PE because although i was above avg before i started PE, now i am just a pussy and ass wrecker. don't question it son, go for it. PE will make you smile as well as make every girls vagina you enter smile. i now have the best erection quality of my life all thanks to PE. if you are good, or even if you are avg.... PE can make you better guaranteed. after 3 years i will not stop until i am at least 9'' by 7''.
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      since you are a beginner, i would suggest light jelq's with some jai stretches to break your cock into what PE is all about. once you start to become accustomed, you are ready to move forward. then again you can simply try JP's 90 day routine. i personally have not used it but it has gotten great reviews from many inexperienced PE' ers as well as from some intermediates.


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        It can hurt your EQ if you do it wrong.
        Starting Size (09/2009): ~7"BPEL x ~5" MSEG
        Most Recent Measurement (08/13/2012): 8"BPEL x 5.5"MSEG
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          Of yeah... think you have hard erections now? Just wait 'till you start PEing.
          Starting Size (09/2009): ~7"BPEL x ~5" MSEG
          Most Recent Measurement (08/13/2012): 8"BPEL x 5.5"MSEG
          Final Goal: When I'm told to stop.


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            hey np97, when was your most recent measurement?? mine was yesterday and my dick is slightly over 8'' bpel but girth is now slightly over 5.9. the base still remains at 6'' but the thickest part along mid shaft is at that 5.9'' measurement. hooray for clamping, my new addiction


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              This might sound really strange but it's true...

              I am 36 years old--and my erections had starting going a bit soft (pre-PE).

              Lately with supplements and PE my erections have literally gotten hard enough that it hurts... I noticed the other day after sex with my wife my penis stayed hard for a long while after I ejaculated (maybe 10-15 minutes afterwards... a very hard involuntarily erection). It was almost like I was on viagra (except that I don't take any medications). I thought this kind of thing wasn't possible anymore (I'm not 18).

              I had completely stopped getting morning wood, but now I am getting it every morning (and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with a big pulsating erection already going). It seems like PE has helped boost my testosterone too. Other than my penis size increases so far, my wife swears my balls are getting bigger too... (that's actually not something I was trying to achieve, and I don't do anything special with my balls).
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                If your routine is properly balanced, then you should be developing more hardness, stamina, and control as your penis gets larger. This may require that you do more than just enlargement work; movements like kegels, edging/Stop and Starts, etc.
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                  While most individuals report an improvement in erection quality with PE, many have noted that "over-training" has resulted in at least a temporary decrease in EQ.

                  And there are individuals who have experienced long-term erectile dysfunction which they have attributed to having done PE. These reports appear to be infrequent given the total number of individuals "at risk", and one never knows if their ED may have been coincidental to them doing PE rather than an effect of it.

                  The "syndromes" that appear to be mentioned most frequently in this connection are the "firm flaccid", the "soft glans", rapid loss of erection presumed due to "venous leak", or desensitization of all or a portion of the penis. In addition discoloration is often reported, especially with clamping.

                  If you are concerned about these possibilities I would suggest you read all the "injury" threads on this forum and other PE forums that you can find and make your own judgment.


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                    Thanks for the replies so far guys. I plan on starting kegels and edging for sure for better control and overall penile health. Any links or specific thread titles you recommend for good instructions on these two exercises?

                    Although I would like to see more progress pics and/or progress logs especially in regards to girth, I am fairly convinced that PE works to a certain degree for enlargement as this many people would not be doing it for so long. I will check out the injury threads and see what I find, but in the mean time if anyone wants to add more input regarding effects of enlargement techniques on erection quality I will humbly listen to what you have to say.


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                      Kegels: (I think you'll find the article helpful).
                      Edging: (I recommend you read the whole thread)

                      The Importance of Stamina Work
                      Towel Raises
                      Edging 101

                      Progress Pics: There is a pictures section of the forum.
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                        Dickdaddy that was the best group of post you've ever done! Rep point and keep being postive for all of us seeking answers!
                        The world's still a toy if you just stay a boy!


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                          I read through the injury threads here, *************, and on various other sites as I was instructed. I reluctantly have to admit, I am more concerned now than I was before. It appears as if there is a sizable number of men that have developed a hard flaccid condition, which some claimed to have permanently damaged their erection. I'm sure some of these men were either over training, jelqing with a hard grip, stretching to far too soon, or not properly warming up the ligaments. But some of these men claimed to be following instructions exactly (beginner routines) and developed the condition gradually and not from a single extreme event. I am not trying to put down PE or sound like an alarmist, but I'm just saying that personally, many of the claims I read scared me. When a man pours his heart out online about how is unit has stopped working properly and urologists are telling him it is all in his head, you have to admit for a newbie trying to get a feel for what PE is and what it can do these claims are frightening.

                          I'm still going to do edging and kegels, but I want girth at the lowest risk possible to the function of my unit.
                          Senior members and PE'ers what is your experience in regards to hard flaccid?
                          Are there girth exercises where such risks are minimized?


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                            Risk is minimized when you don't overwork yourself. Guys get injured when they feel a little pain but they keep going anyway because they desperately want their penis to be bigger.

                            If you're willing to exercise caution, use the right technique, and take it slow I think you'll be fine.
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                              Blink, thank you for the links you sent me. So far my routine includes, 50 erect kegels, followed by 25 flaccid kegels (all my kegels done with a 1-2 sec full contraction focusing on the entire muscle, penis to anus). I started today and will be doing this every other day. I will add towel raises with a lighter towel in a few weeks. I am still cautious about jelqing. I appreciate the opinions I have already received, but would still like to see more from others experienced with performing jelqs. I read an article today online about how some of the gains in jelqing may be due to scarring. This maybe true maybe not, I'm still not at the point I want to risk my functionality for girth.

                              So any more opinion on long term effects from jelqing are welcome. My main concerns are hard flaccid, venous leakage, and loss of erection quality.