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  • Confused! Which one is it?


    I already wrote about this subject I intend to tell you.

    Im confused because the measurement procedure. Why? Because I have a upward curvature when Im erect.

    So, when I measure NBPEL from the top of the penis (with the "effect" of the upward curvature), I have a mark that is about 0.3" LESS than when I measure NBPEL from the side and where I push the penis down (from the glans) to be parallel to the ground and to be the most straight as possible. Hence, I have:

    NBPEL (curvature) - ~6.15"
    NBPEL (straight) - ~6.45"

    The same happens with BPEL.

    Therefore, if I measure without opposing the curvature effect, I have a mark. The question is that my penis lenght is the one I get making it straight. In fact, it is the same mark I get when I measure the penis from the part down (the opposite part of the top of the penis). In spite of the curvature, when I use a piece of paper and measure that way, I get a close mark to the one I get when I push down to make it straight.

    So, whats my Erect Lenght?

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    For measuring purposes, the top of the shaft is considered the most accurate.
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      I would go with the straightened measurement since that is the actual length.
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        Thanks for your answers, guys!

        Yeah, about 0.3" is something!!! Some say that the upward curvature is good to stimulate the G-Spot, but honestly, Id prefer to have it perfectly straight. The visual effect of more lenght is important.