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Just suffered an injury

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  • Just suffered an injury

    Last edited by CanadianDude; 10-24-2014, 05:14 PM.

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    I wouldn't take chances witht the bruise, I would take a day or two off. The red dots are pretty common, just do some warm ups and massage it while your taking a break.
    I've had times where the warmup would make most of the red dots vanish..


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      I would suggest that you take time off until the redness and bruises go away. You may have to take two days. I had that same problem by pushing myself too far. I've been taking it back a lot and conditioning my penis to the work, and I'm finally seeing gains. Before when I had the redness I didn't have any gains at all.
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        honestly i dont care what benefits or gains erect bends has/gives
        they should be permanently removed from all saved data and exercise should be totally forgotten
        it is probably "the" most dangerous
        conditioned/unconditioned it doesnt really matter apply a bit too much pressure just 1 time and "snap"
        i really cant stres this enough, we been over same thing in another thread as well, forget erect bends do clamping hanging even tubing, what ever instead of that exercise.
        some would say im over-dramatic really u got 100's of other ways to gain why risk it all...
        just my 2 cents on erect bends, take it or leave it...
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          Agreed. I have no intention of ever attempting erect bends. I just don't want to take that kind of risk with my penis.

          CanadianDude, your join date is of June this year. Was that when you first started PE? If so, surely this is much too soon to be trying such an intense exercise.


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            Here is a third voice telling you to forget about the erect bends. I don't think they are necessary for gains, and they are risky. You will do fine without them. I would just message my penis slowly and gently, maybe with olive oil, to get the blood fully involved to get rid of the bruises and red spots. They should disappear after a few days.
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