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Should I buy a penis extender ?

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  • Should I buy a penis extender ?

    Hi guys. This is my 3rd month since i started jelqing. I noticed some results - like 0.4 - 0.5 inches in length but i am still not sure if thats real (you all know that unless we see some huge difference we can''t believe). I wonder should i but penis extender to make my PE even better( jelq+extender) . I did some research and i found the Andromedical extender for 250$. What do you think does it worth it ? While i was reading i saw that many people are complaining that extenders make a lot of new skin on the penis ( i mean the skin extends so much that the penis starts to look like "turkey neck). I am really afraid of that "effect" because i don't want my penis to look disgusting. If you share some experience it would be great. Thanks in advance

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    Hey nicksun,
    The X4 Deluxe is less than the $250 if you use the $75 discount when ordering at the website.

    Now, the thoughts. If you have the time to wear an Extender, and the "side" conditions.

    The time of accumulated wear or sessions will require a dedication & commitment by you, plus a long time, to achieve success. The side conditions are can you wear it (open question) at home, where you are not moving around much, or if you are going to wear it while moving around at work. The amount of movement is going to be a factor in how long you can wear it. If at home, is there a significant other or room mate where secrecy may or may not be an issue.
    There is usually a period of time to get accustomed to fastening in & wearing it issues, and for you to learn how often you can wear one, as your dick has to "get used" to being stretched, along with the person attached to it.

    Then you will need to carefully monitor PI & EQ because you may be adding your own Jelqing & other exercises to the wearing of the extender. So you want to be willing to adjust some of the "variables" so you don't overwork your self.

    Always nice to have some variety in one's PE toolbox.
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