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  • Beginner needs guidance


    I am new to PE.

    So far i have read that jelqing increases gridth, but i would also like to increase the length.

    Ive been doing what i have read at: I am at day 4, so no noticable increases in gridth yet.

    In the forums, some talk about having days on and days off, but it doesn't say anything about that on that site. What is the correct thing to do?

    I know how to do the jelq, but can i perform stretching exercises right after i perform jelqing exercises, or do i have to wait for another day??

    And does anyone have a video that shows what the Loss of Tug theory is about??

    How do i create a blog here, so i can document my process?


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    follow jps routine, and low erection jelqs work both length and "girth" so just stretch off to begin with, then do your jelqs once you have warmed up and stretched your penis, if your doing it right you should feel it working, maby not erect but when flaccid even from the start you can see it feels bigger and heavier during a flaccid state.


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      I agree with Brian, as long as you're warmed up you can jelq/ stretch whatever.

      You need to study PE if you want success. This will get you started.

      Starting Out:
      Newbies Start Here
      Warm-up (Rice Sock)
      Progress Log

      Science & Theory:
      Physiologic Indicators (PIs)
      The TGC Theory

      And... Lot Theory: (which you asked about)
      LOT Theory

      EQ 1-10 Scale
      Beginner's PE Checklist
      Progress Photos
      My progress journal / useful PE links