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  • The magical penis pump!

    Yes, the pump is awesome! It took me a while to figure out how to use it right and develop a respectable method of application. I study a lot (mechanical engineering) so JP's 90 day routine is too hands on for me, literally! Trying the best of my ability to optimize my study time with PE lead me to develop an optimized routine for myself. I had some trial and error, mostly for being a beginner who does not poses the science of PE to its entirety but I have something that gives me a constant positive PI. I decided to share this with the wonderful community for those who want to try something new.

    My routine...

    Step 1 - Get an erect penis (porn, wife, girlfriend, whatever)! This will get the penis a good supply of blood for those precious cells to perform whatever processes it needs. A 70% - 100% erection is recommended and works well in my experience. It really does not matter if you get your self off as long as you can maintain around 70%.

    Step 2 - Get a penis pump and fill the reservoir little over half way with heated water. Virtually any pump will do, I use a cheap 15 dollar pump. Also have a cup on hand to collect waste water (details later).

    Step 3 - Place the penis in the penis pump. Use water based lube if you need to, never oils because it will make the rubber brittle over time (mineral oil does this). The water should be heated enough as if you were stepping in a hot tub, but not hurt, just enough to get that attention. The beauty of the penis pump is that it will hold the heated water as long as there is negative pressure. This process is much better than placing your dick in a cup of water.

    Step 4 - Slowly pump to create the seal of pressure. Allow a few minutes for the penis warm up process before you begin the exercise pumping. Having an erection not only makes the seal better but provides more fluid to absorb more heat energy from the heated water. Thermodynamics my friends!

    Step 5 - Be very cautious! Having an erect penis allows more proper and even stretching during pumping. In this step I had to train myself the most because I have to learn to feel the right amount of blood in my penis when pumping. The amount of ideal pressure is a fine line but when you get there, all positive PI baby! Literally, this ideal pressure is less than a single hand pump difference from noticeable stretching to slight tingling pain. Do not ever keep the pressure on a pain level of pressure as it will slowly hurt more and more. Be very vigilant and tentative to release any over pressure. Your penis head had the least durable tissue to negative pressure. Too much pressure and it will be the first to hurt, unless you have a serious penile injury. Ideally, you would want 10 - 15 minutes (works best for me). Do not go further than this without giving yourself a break or you can make more negative PI. At most do 2 iterations in a day.

    Step 6 - Reduce pressure, pull out, and admire your flacid length and girth for the moment. I typically shack a few times and stretch a bit. You can put weights on it if you want, I do this for 20 minutes, but there you have it!

    All together usually 40 minutes of exercising but its hands free for me to study!