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  • vitamin list?

    Hey guys is there a vitamin list on this site anywhere? I've got myself quite the number of supplements now, I was wondering if there is a list on this site or in the forums anywhere I could compare mine to.

    I've got;
    a multivitamin which equals neon piss lol
    garlic pills
    ginger root
    ginko biloba
    Bee pollen
    Siberian ginseng.
    and I drink green tea.

    Can anyone fill me in on this too. I've read up and realised SIberian ginseng isn't even actual ginseng, it is just called that. Should I get other ginseng?

    I've noticed in JP's 90 day beginner routine has a list;
    1 Super B complex.
    1 Multi Vitamin & Minerals.
    1 60 mg Zinc.
    2 500mg L-Arginine capsule.
    1 500 mg L-Lysine.

    Is my list good or should I pick myself up some L-lysine, some zinc and a super B complex. (btw whats a super B complex? all the vitamin B's?)


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    Hi Brucey,

    You are taking all the things I am taking, so I would say that is a pretty good line-up.
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      One more time for this.

      When I sat down to write the Newbie Routine, I wanted to include a section on supplements for this reason;

      When I wrote that, I was kinda leaning toward the idea that most of the Newbies reading it would be in the 18 to 25 year old age bracket.
      Most young people and even many older adults do not receive the vitamins they need in their daily diet. Processed foods are a killer of vitamins. Grab a box, heat it up, throw a TV dinner in the microwave, eat and run. Grab a burger while you are out.

      The days of home cooked meals from scratch, are ending.
      Even when there is time to sit down with the family for a meal, most of the time it's take out. So I was going under the assumption that (most) young people are vitamin depleted.
      Even if you try and eat healthy, the ingredients that you buy are processed in ways to preserve shelf life, retain freshness until sold, or full of additives that are devoid of the essential B complexes, as these are a very fragile vitamin.

      As I stated in my 90 day routine, "Take these supplements for the full 90 day program and you will feel your overall health improve." This is a given.
      If you are going to do any kinds of exercise, you need the building blocks of good supplements to further the development of muscle, soft tissue, ligaments and good circulation.
      Hence the recommendation for the Multi-Vitamins, the Super B complex and Zinc. (jP

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        -EFAs are not on that list & I think they are important.

        Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs): An omega blend like Udo's is very helpful... something that includes fish oil, flax seed, & overall has a naturally ocuring blend of omega 3, 6, & 9. EFAs help with testosterone production, joint repair, brain function & many other things. It appears it may also help lower cholesterol and help your body release 'bad fat'. I find that If I am trying to get cut, EFAs + a moderate workout routine + a moderately healthy diet eventually gives me a 6 pack.

        For getting in shape I also use a creatine blend, why protein & some normal multi-vitamins. I'm also using things like nitrix & vitrix. I find everything combined makes a big difference.

        -Recently I tried green tea with honey & had a spontaneous erection for the first time in a while. I also had stronger than normal morning wood the next day.
        -Right now I am trying fresh roasted cocoa beans, grounded together. I use a little french roast press to brew the drink.

        I hear cocoa beans are becoming more accepted as a super-food/ or powerful anti-oxidant. It gives me a sustained natural energy boost, more than drinking a few huge monster low carb drinks (or most other energy drinks). I can't describe the boost; it doesn't make me jittery or anything, but physically i can feel a difference. I hear for some reason the brewed fresh roasted cocoa beans also expand my veins (instead of caffeine which restricts my veins & blood flow).

        I'm going to keep trying it & I'll note any differences I feel in my progress log.
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          The list
          1.yohimbe-increased blood to penis
          2.argenine- vasodilator
          3.PABA- repairs/ elasticity same as potaba
          These vitamins will speed up gains kind of the
          safe chemical pe route. Has worked great for me.


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            I do try and watch my diet compared to most of the people I know. I do know that I eat healthier than many of them. Microwavable stuff to me is bullshit, in all truth in the passed year I've probably used the microwave about ten to twenty times. I use it as little as possible, even to heat foods. I'll use the oven or BBQ instead.
            All the fast food and packaged garbage is filled with to much sodium as well, thats no good. I consciously watch what I am eating. Of course once and a while I will fall victim to McDonalds or whatever, but for the majority of my diet I would say it is healthy.

            As for my list there though, Vulcan you think it is good so I feel I dont need to buy more. Or should I?

            JP and blink, I have a multi vit, do you think I should go for a Super B complex and zinc though? Do you perhaps think I should maybe grab myself some essential fatty acids?

            What about yohimbe or PABA (i just read a bit about PABA, part of the B complex groups, so if I did get a B complex pill that would include that)

            I do also know from studying biology that your body will make many of the essential things you need if you don't have them in a ready pill supply, that is if you have a healthy diet.

            And can anyone fill me in on my ginseng question? I've asked at the health food store, the person there said all ginseng is basically the same. Anyone have any comments?

            Thanks for the post though guys, I think my vit list is pretty complete, maybe one or two things.


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              Argenine and yohimbe to expand ginko and niacin 100mg can help
              with circulation too. The PABA b vitamins
              e vitamin is all for repair. Argenine in akg form is best(nitrix)
              and yohimbe jelq with those and you'll get crazy blood
              flow. And it keeps you hanging low through the day


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                Your doing fine with supplements you are now taking. You can get efa from eggs, mayo, nuts, fish oil. I would add efa's

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                  I've been taking L-arginine and omega-3 and I've seen positive results. I don't know wether i should try to add more supplements to have even more gains or just keep using what I'm using until my gains slow down or stop completely.
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                    One of my favorite EFA sources is flax seed oil. If you get it pressed fresh, with ligans that's the best way.

                    EFAs have several good effects. I would actually use them to get a 6 pack.... but it has many other health benefits (e.g. if your EFAs are low, you can't produce testosterone properly).

                    If you do take flax, or EFAs (like the UDO's omega 3/6/9 blend) the amount you need is 1 tablespoon per 100lbs of bodyweight, per day, preferably taken earlier in the day.

                    So if you weighed 150lbs you would take 1.5 tablespoons per day.
                    Or... If you weighed 250lbs you would take 2.5 tablespoons per day.
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                      Ok so I got myself some efa's, picked up a 3 6 9 container.

                      I noticed when I was there they have some testosterone pills, one called horny goat weed something or other and other testosterone pills called like testo 100 or something. I wasn't going to buy any, me and a friend saw them and were joking around.

                      I thought of PE when I saw those pills. Has anyone ever heard of that stuff or used it. I'm curious to ask.


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                        Hi Brucey,

                        American Ginseng is CNS suppressing & the other Ginsengs are CNS stimulating. So someone should take American if they have high blood pressure - this is my understanding now & it was confirmed by something that I read by Kingpole the other day. American Ginseng is more expensive, but I liked being on it - it can be very good if you are under stress.

                        I would recommend taking your Lysine & Arginine at different times of the day.
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                          Remember guys that we don't need any omega 6 or 9's in our diet! Our diet includes way to much of those as is. Americans have a very poor ratio of omega3's to 6 and 9 so bone up on the 3; you get enough of the 6 and 9 in our diet! Companies like to sell the 3-6-9 combo because it sounds like your getting "more"; you are getting more of what you don't need and not enough of what you do need (and also the expensive one-3)
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