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  • Newbie here

    Hi guys!

    Just found this group by accident and it really looks great!

    I am primarily looking for an improvement in penis health and conditioning. I wouldn't mind enlarging of course. I will have to take some accurate current measurements, but I think that that I am aroundd 8" EL and 5" EG.

    My main issue is erection quality. I am 65 years old and I am having problems getting a consistent full erection. I have no problem with libido. I can get a full erection and keep it if I am standing or kneeling. In other postions, I lose a lot of firmness.

    Hope this group and the exercise plan help.

    I'll talk more when I get some more time.

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    Big Mike,

    Welcome to the Gym! We are glad to have you here. Certainly good penile health is important to erection quality. That is usually one of the
    first things new guys notice is an improvement in erections. The newbie routine is a good place to start. Just take it slowly and don't over do it.
    If we can be of any assistance don't hesitate to ask!

    May 2006: 5.75" X 4.5" - Now: 7.44" X 4.875"

    Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.

    Louis Pasteur


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      Thanks for the welcome, Igauna.

      Like I said, I am mainly looking to improve the quality of my erections. I am getting frustrated a bit because my girlfriend wants to be able to ride me with me on my back.

      I have tried penis rings and they help a bit, but I still go a bit limp when I lie on my back. Do you think this program will help me in that regard.

      As far as size enhancement goes, I noticed that you put on almost 2"! Does the size of the penis at the start of the program limit the possible length increase? If you acheive and increase in size, does it stay that way or will it decrease if you stop the program?

      Big Mike


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        Big Mike,

        I do think the program will help with your erection strength. As we age, the smooth muscle in our penis tends to atrophy somewhat causing our erections to become weaker. The exercises help stimulate a growth response from the smooth muscle tissue which in turn results in harder erections.

        Although genetics do play a part in gains, starting size does not seem to be a factor. Incidentally, penis enlargement doesn't usually attract guys who are in the upper echelon for size and may limit some guys motivations. A guy with your size is not as likely to be as motivated to gain as a guy with a 4" penis. So, we don't see a lot of 8" guys wanting to be 10". So a lot of it boils down to motivation and commitment. It doesn't happen overnight but it is well worth the effort.

        Our bodies are prone to a process called involution where they want to return to their former "natural" state. The penis is no exception. We have a term we use called "cementing", which basically means, once you have achieved gains, you have to continue with the program long enough to "override" the penis' tendency to return to it's former size. We believe this happens through a process called plastic deformation. Basically, the penis looses the elastic capacity to snap back to its previous size. This usually only takes a few weeks. Some guys stop and loose nothing. Others may loose a little. And yet a very few will loose all gains. This is usually due to stopping without cementing. Even guys who have reached their goal usually continue with some type of "maintenance" program to keep their penile health up.

        Good luck and keep us posted of your progress!

        Hope this answers your questions!

        May 2006: 5.75" X 4.5" - Now: 7.44" X 4.875"

        Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.

        Louis Pasteur


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          Thanks again.

          Great answers. I have been looking for a site like this for years.


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            Very Inspirational post Iguana.
            I'd like to add my welcome as well, Big Mike.

            I've got a Tiger by the tail.


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              Hi! I'm new here too, having started with JB's program a week ago. I'm 60, and like Big Mike, tend to lose erections sooner than I'd like. My stats are average - just under 4" bone flaccid and just under 6' bone erect. Haven't measured circumference yet.

              First: observations: My penis feels great! Feels really full after the workout. It seems to me that the workout gives an increase in flaccid length early on because it relaxes the ligs a bit.

              Jelqs? Seems to me that you've got to start the movement as close to the pubic bone as possible - right? I use massage oil or vaseline.

              I've been doing kegels every time I think about them - maybe 200 a day - I do get tugs, better up and straight than down. Also. I do some (not too strong) stretches each time I urinate and also the "helicopter" like JonPop describes then too. Is that OK?

              By the way - I'm hoping that my time erect increases sooner than my erect length. What do you think?

              Cheers for now,


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                Welcome BigMike


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                  Welcome aboard, Iguana's post was GREAT! Also another thing to read up on is stamina work, its good for EQ, etc.

                  Importance of stamina work