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    I posted on here the other day and got some really good advice about the 90 day jelqing routine, and a bit on kegels. Theres still bits im unsure of, such as how many kegels should i do a day, whats the best routine for starting off and does the number per day include what u do while stretching etc for the jelqs?

    On to another point, and the main reason i started a new thread....

    Im finding it quite hard to get aroused latley, and my erections arnt 100% and fully rock hard. Ive had no trouble in the past in getting aroused, for example i could read those 'sex' stories in the nuts mags etc and i would start getting an erection, also sometimes just by watching tv.
    However latley im not getting aroused by these stories etc, or even porn that much, ive gota play with it to get it up, then its only at like 80% power.
    Ive got the following theories and worries why, i was wondering if you guys could review their validity or suggest other reasons etc?

    Ive started doing kegels over the past week, tried to do 100 a day, 4 sesssion of 25 through out the day, could be 2 hours between sets, but i try to hold for 3 secs then release and go straight back at it, could i have tired my erecting muscles etc out?

    i met a nice girl who i danced..... hard with in a club for a good 20-30mins, during this my penis was erect but because of my trousers it was pointing down agaisnt the side of my right leg, she was pressing up against it alot, plus i was trying/pushing to make it harder... i woried that i might have damage it in some way, like over strained it as it wanted to stand up but was being forced down?? is this likely and if its the cause would it be permanent or do i just need time to recover?

    Im also quite depressed at the moment for a few reasons, this girl is part of it, i like her but cant be with her, plus im still a virgin at 20 which is making me feel pathetic, which i think is just making things worse for my arousal.

    Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated,


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    Sounds like you just overdid it roach, just take some time off and let things heal. Here is a good link for kegals to read aswell as the PI article.

    Your "Sex Muscle" - How to Kegel to Make it Stronger

    Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to Help Penis Growth!


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      I agree with Waylander. It sounds like you may have been what they call "over-training". Sometimes if you push too hard, you can end up getting negative results, especially starting out. The PI thread Waylander is showing you will help you identify when you're making progress (the signs to look for) and when you're training either too much or not enough.
      My progress journal / useful PE links


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        Hey Guys,

        cheers for the great advice, the threads from those links are very informative.

        I also thought i had overdone it a bit, just got to give some resting time, ive already notice better 'morning wood' so thats a positive sign. Good to know that nothing is permanent.