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    i tried doing the PONR, i kegel a little, lose abit of erection but when i go back to the stroking within seconds i want to cum, if i kegel alittle longer i lose more erection. is this the sign of weak pc muscle?

    btw, when i tried my last kegel on PONR, i can't control totally, in the the sperm dripped instead of shooting. Is that normal?

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    Kegeling to prevent going into the PONR requires timing. An ill-timed kegel can actually send you over the edge. You may be losing your erections due to losing focus (concentrating too much on kegeling and not on enjoying yourself), kegeling too hard, and/or from a tired PC.

    Like anything else, practice makes perfect As you continue to make progress in being able to kegel harder for longer period and on establishing more control you should cease to have those problems.
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      As an older member on this forum, maybe my unit's reaction to a kegel to stop the PONR is not the same as for the younger guys here. Twice I have kegeled to stop from cumming, and while I stopped the actual flow of sperm from ejaculating, my body reacted to it just as if I had. In other words, I lost my erection and my "mind" felt as if I had cum.
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