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Hi newbie here Need some advice

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  • Hi newbie here Need some advice

    I'm 30 years old and am heavy. I am working on weight but have always had a small penis. My penis is barely 4" and it's shameful, not only is it only 4" but it's thin too. My gf says she is happy with it and seems to enjoy sex. I need to get it bigger for myself so I feel more comfortable and not so ashamed.

    Does jelqing and the keggle really work? I am willing to do the work if It really shows results. I am desperate and am grateful for any helpful advice.

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    I'm new here myself so I'm not sure I'm the one to listen too but overwhelmingly I hear that JP's Beginner routine is the way to go. I think jp went from 4.5 inches to 8 or something in a few years so you can definitely gain. Good luck.
    Current States
    BE - 3.9''
    BPEL - 5''
    EG - 5''
    NBPFSL - 3.4''
    BPFSL - 4''

    Short Term Goals
    BPEL 6''
    EG 5.5"


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      SeriouslY? wow


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        It works.
        Starting Size (09/2009): ~7"BPEL x ~5" MSEG
        Most Recent Measurement (08/13/2012): 8"BPEL x 5.5"MSEG
        Final Goal: When I'm told to stop.