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Should you do girth or length first??

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  • Should you do girth or length first??

    Hey, I was wondering if JPs 90 day beginners guide works both your girth and length.
    But is it better to do girth exercises first (what is a good girth exercise?), than length? It seems better to do this way
    But i may be wrong since I just started, but any additional information would be great!
    I know jelqs is supposed to boost your length, and for girth I am not too sure.
    Thanks alot~

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    hello there, i am currently on the 90 day routine as well. From what i have gathered your supposed to do the stated exercises (IN THE 90 DAY BEGINNERS GUIDE) in one sitting. Start with your warm up (10-12 minutes) and then begin stretches which is for length. Follow the routine and move on to your jelqs which i believe are for girth. finally move on to your v-jelqs which are critical for length and girth gains, the whole workout session should last maybe 30 minutes?? it all depends on your time,effort , and of course motivation. One more thing, DO NOT forget the warm-down i personally believe it is the most important part of PE as it prevents injury to your penis from everything you just it through. Remeber your kegels as well. stay strong stay motivated and stay active my friend, your best is yet to come!!!
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      Everyone is different as far as what kind of gains they might get. JP's routine is pretty well rounded for both girth and length conditioning, so like sixx said, stay with it until you reach the 90 days.
      I only gained length with it, but there are guys who have gained just girth and some who gained both....


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        My opinion- in most cases guys should do their girth first. The reasoning behind this is that intense stretches can temporarily exhaust the penis. This would make performing girth work immediately afterwards difficult. The exception to this is if you're prone to getting too erect during girth work, in which case a more tired penis would allow you to do the workout without having to wait for your erection to subside.

        There could be additional benefits to a length first scenario through stretching the penile tunica and fascia- which would allow for greater expansion when you do your girth exercises.

        Once you've hit the advanced levels of training, you can experiment with different approaches to see which training format gives you the best results.
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          Interesting point Big Al. I have never thought about the order like that. I have always done length first, then girth. Your reasoning makes sense although it would not be the same for all the guys. Someone's penis maybe can take more and not get tired that easily when stretching so length - girth order would not be a problem.

          I will definitely give girth - length a try! Like you said, on advanced level you can try different things.


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            thanks for all the replies


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              I started doing girth work first recently because I found after the stretching part, I had a hard time maintaining an erection 50% or more for girth work. If your tunica is your limiter and you have no trouble getting a chub for girth, or even if you get erect too easy during girth work, then definately do your length first. If you have a 8 EQ or lower (not the best erection quality), or trouble with holding a 50%+ erection for girth work, or your stretched flaccid is more than a .5 inches longer than your erect length, do your girth work first.
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                I find it easier to gain when you focus on one, rather than both. Now, you need to be conditioned first (obviously).
                I think it lessens the time of the workouts by a ton as well.
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                  I say condition your penis for a few months so you can do more girth/length oriented exercises and from then (this is personal view) just focus on one of the two. I personally just hang for length now and once I reach my goal I am going to switch over to girth while doing maintenance for my length.
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