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How do you increase girth at the base?

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  • How do you increase girth at the base?

    Hey boys,

    I've been using a beginner routine for around 2 weeks now and am VERY PLEASED. I have seen an increase in girth of .25 inches already and a small increase in length (don't know exact numbers because I don't want to increase my length primarily)

    The problem is that this increase is midshaft, and if this continues, I will get a severe baseball dick I think. My glans is still ok, but my main concern is the base, as I don't want it lagging behind. I do try to jelq from the very very bottom of the penis to help get the base bigger, but I just can't feel the expansion in it. It there another technique to help the base catch up with the rest?

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    Yes masu there are techniques used to increase base girth,but they are not usually done until some basic condition is achieved. So perhaps a bit early for you yet. I would look again at your jelq technique.


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      I believe that LAS stretches help with base girth. My theory about this is simple. When you bend your unit under you to sit on it, the one area that is stressed excessively is your base, because that is the one part of your shaft that has been bent. The rest of your unit is lying flat underneath your butt. I attribute at least some of my base gain to this exercise because when I started my shaft was pretty uniform in size, and I have been a huge fan of LAS's once I learned of them.

      Like the others said previously, don't go rushing into things or at this point over think stuff.
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        Ok rb and las is not an advanced exercise and so is suitable for masu.
        Of course it's standard use is to increase flacid size.

        It is interesting, that many guys develop a wedge shape, more base than upper girth and are fine with it , whereas baseball bat shape is unpopular. Of course what shape you like is a personal preference.


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          I'm after the sort of uniform size, similar base and mid, and a big head would be nice. I don't really want any part to be much out of sync with the rest.


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            Pumping might be a good option. Most people observe that they get good base expansion, usually packing the tube at the base first. Might help balance things out.
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              I had similar goals Eric and through doing uli and squeezes have managed to keep my girth fairly even along the length of th shaft and improve glans size. However these are not beginer level exercises.


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                Yeah man i'm just getting to a point now where i can phase in these kinds of exercises. Masu i'd say do what the guys say and continue with the basics, and after a few months you can start to target specific areas.