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  • Advice for stretches

    Hey everyone! So happy I found this forum!! I’ve been hanging weights for about 2 months.

    I wasn’t making any significant gains and I couldn’t understand why, now I know! I wasn’t going against the tug!

    My spot where I have no tug is 6:00, pretty useless to hang heavy weight…

    So, I do have an inversion table I use for my back. I’m going to start hanging the weight upside down 😁

    Now the question - When I stretch, up, left and right, my fingers always slide up over the head.

    Is it recommended to just grab from the bottom and pull up until the skin is stretched out to the max?

    This prevents my fingers from sliding over the head and feels about the same.

    Will doing this cause adverse reactions?

    I’ve noticed some stretch marks starting to form at the base already. I don’t want a 10 inch dong with stretch marks all over it ✌️

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    Basically, does stretching the skin help, hurt, or do nothing??

    I’ve read that the grip should be just under the head..

    I feel like I can put more tension by gripping lower and stretching the skin more.


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      You are trying to stretch your dick and not just skin.
      The world's still a toy if you just stay a boy!


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        Yes, I know. If I pull without pulling the skin up, my hand slips.

        Just seems I get a better grip pulling from the bottom…