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Masturbation/long work hours in a physical job

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  • Masturbation/long work hours in a physical job

    Hi I want to start training but am unsure of 2 things. Will masturbating once a day affect my gains like say I do my routine in the morning and rub one out at night? And 2, I work a very physical construction job usually 11+ hours will this affect my ability to recover from training? Can it affect the Kegel muscle which would then affect my training?

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    I work a very physical job, my wife aims to please frequently and I've gained pretty well.

    You should be good to go
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      I work construction as well.

      1. Pay attention to your EQ with the masturbation. If you can masturbate/edge after your PE it will pay dividends.
      2. 12 hour days stink, if you can find an about an hour in the day to do PE you should be good.

      As for your pelvic floor kegels and reverse-kegels throughout the day are a good idea.
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        For optimal EQ and the development of ejaculatory control, reserve your ejaculations for sexual activity or training (edging) only.
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