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kegel/reverse kegels routine

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  • kegel/reverse kegels routine

    can anyone here drop a nice routine for beginners mixed in with ballooning? Also how to progress it with? I'm new here, i really don't know how should routine look like

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    I do this yoga sequence with kegel/reverse kegel

    Pelvic floor yoga

    I incorporate K/RK while doing this sequence:

    Hindi to crow pose (maintain RK).

    Cat-Cow pose (Kegel in cat, RK in cow).

    Cobra pose into Child pose into Hero Pose (maintain RK).

    Bridge pose (start with K, as pushing up into bridge RK)

    Supine twist (RK)

    Supine Head Knee (RK)

    Half Lord of the Fishes pose (start with K to RK)

    As for ballooning:

    Get the flaccid and warmed up and stretched out, then:

    • Get erect to 100% EQ
      • Generally I just jerk the penis, but I do use opposing grip, trying to break a habit that led to a curve.

    • I do not kegel at all. If I feel any tension I will Reverse Kegel. I get as fully hard as possible.
    • Once I am at 90 or 95% I stop jerk and start to massage the erection. Moving my hands around the whole thing to ensure it is fully engorged. I often use an OK grip around the glans to jiggle and make it absolutely 100%
    • Then I do a root lock style kegel. I start the contraction of the muscle at the back, and clench the muscles moving forward towards the erection. Essentially trying to push more blood into the erection.
    • As I kegel I thrust the pelvis forward so that the erection is pushed out from the body.
    • I do 6 or 7 long kegel holds, each at max EQ (at least a 60 second count)
    • If erection subsides, I make sure to get back to 100%
    • After the kegels I let the erection subside to 85% or so, then I do a short Uli stretch, one each hand
    • Then jelq as the erection subsides
    03/2015 Start <Able to last ~ 2 mins PIV>
    12/2019 EL: +2.2 MEG: +1 <Able to last 60+ mins PIV>