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  • Pain in the GLANS

    Hey guys! FIRST POST EVER!!! Alright here's my question:

    When I'm doing stretches I can only pull so hard before I start to feel pain in my glans. The rest of my shaft is completely fine and can probably handle 2 to 3 times the ammount of pressure before I'd feel any pain. I've tried a few different methods including making an 'ok' under the glans and pulling, using a paper towel to increase friction and pincer gripping the glans, as well as doing a HARD flaccid jelk to stretch from mid shaft. No matter what I do at a certian point it's always the GLANS that limits the ammount of pressure I can apply. I'd like to better isolate my shaft (tunica?). Does anyone have any suggestions for this or am I pulling to hard to you think?

    I do a decent warm up but I don't really follow directions. It's basically just ten minutes of me playing with my dick in the shower after work. Seems ok to me. Also I'm not following any beginner's routine or anything, I just kind do whatever feels right and stop when I think I'm approaching my limits.

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    I think you may be pulling too hard if you're having pains... or you have a death grip.
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      PAIN IS BAD. Don't do anything to your penis that hurts; that's how guys get injuries. Be patient; just because part of your penis can take more force or stretching does not mean that you should do it! Doubtless you are in a hurry to see gains, but it is much better to take it slow and end up with a penis that still works!


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        I agree with Batwoman and NP, Pain=bad! Take it slow and easy...

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          Heh thanks guys but I was more talking about a pain in the skin from gripping my glans to hard. I couldn't maintain a 30 second stretch without my hand slipping. I found a solution anyways. If you roll the glans back at a 90 degree angle from the direction you are stretching you can maintain a firm grip without having to put so much pressure on the skin. I can get minute + long stretches now. I've actually gained a 1/4 inch since that post by doing this. BUT! I've noticed a drop in my EQ (nothing serious, I still get rock hard with my GF but no morning wood) so im gonna take a bout a week off of PE.
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            Have you tried stretching while you're not in the shower (but your unit is dry & warmed up).

            e.g. use a little baby powder?

            skin tightness might be a limiting factor too, which would partly explain the pressure on your glans.

            Just take it slow--perfecting your technique might take a while. Watch few more videos, try some baby powder, double-check the way you're gripping--the pressure should really just be going to the shaft; not your glans. Go lighter if you have to--just so you can figure out how to apply the pressure just to your shaft. Don't go 100% right away, slowly work up to it. Over time you'll learn to manually stretch your shaft better without causing the issues you describe now.

            it sounds like something is wrong with your technique, thats why I suggest going lighter until you figure things out. Don't just keep pushing & causing yourself pain, it's not going to help you gain. Refining your technique will help you. Maybe you're just using more pressure than you're ready for.
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              You might be right about too much pressure, blink. I've only been at this for maybe... 6 months now? So I'm not sure how much force I'm 'supposed' to use when I stretch / squeeze + etc. I'd say when stretching I probably use about 20 lbs of force for 30 seconds to a minute at a time. Rest for a few minutes then do another 20lbs for 30 seconds, etc. Also throughout the day whenever I piss, I'll do probably 10 lbs for 20 seconds. If I were to add it all up it would come to about 10 minutes of stretching each day at 20lbs. PLUS I subconciously stretch any time I get alone with my unit. I just grab it and start pulling without thinking. I'm not using nearly as much pressure though. Maybe 5 lbs? This probably totals to about 30 mins per day. Is this too much? Is a 5lb tug 5 mins at a time good enough to cause growth? Should I be doing more/longer reps with less force?

              "pain" is relative btw. I use it to describe a general discomfort that would get worse with more force / time / reps. I appreciate the concern but trust me I'm not going all rambo on my cock.

              To address the rest of your post; I don't have any skin tightness. I was circumsized but even when fully erect I still have a LOT of play in the outer skin. Baby powder might help but to this point I've just kind of been winging it. I'll try that after my rest break is over. Thanks for your suggestions man, I really appreciate any help I can get especially from you more experienced guys.
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                Originally posted by dudeWTF View Post
                "pain" is relative btw. I use it to describe a general discomfort that would get worse with more force / time / reps. I appreciate the concern but trust me I'm not going all rambo on my cock.
                If you feel like you simply can't apply enough force to your shaft to continue making gains, maybe it's time for a new excercise.

                You said you've had 6 months experience, so another option is to switch to something like hanging (see hanging 101 in my signature).
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                  I checked out your hanging link and it seems like something that would do well for me since my lot is at about 9 oclock. This means I have a lot of room to stretch my ligs right? My main concern with targeting those ligs though is my current angle of attack while erect. My dick sticks up at 10:00 - 10:30 while erect. I'm worried that I'll loose that angle if I target my top ligs too much. Is this something you've noticed being affected? What direction (while standing) do you point? I mean if I stretch those ligs out all the way until my lot is 6:00, would I have one of those porn star dicks that hang straight down while erect?


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                    If your dick gets big enough, it will hang lower--how much lower, depends on your EQ & stamina, the tightness of your ligaments, and your length & girth. It cannot be completely prevented. You can stick with manual work or extender work if you don't want to stretch your ligs as much, but both of those will still do it to some extent anyway. Personally, I would rather have a bigger penis, and I don't care at all if it hangs lower--as long as it can get rock hard, it makes no difference to me. The laws of physics will most likely make it hang lower unless you do intense stamina work to counteract that. Kingpole is a good example of someone who made big gains, but kept a high erection angle.
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