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Your toughts on this one !?

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  • Your toughts on this one !?

    Greetings again

    So I've been wondering would it be beneficial to add some routine after I finish my jp90's which I'm on atm
    I mean after I do my workout ,I was thinking to add fowfers or LAS's,even tho they sound the same for me cept one is done in bed the other one sitted.
    My first month I've spent conditioning and pushing way too hard ,using jp90 +BM for 5 days in a row ,Big AL advised me to quit on BM so I did and now am enjoying manual work to the fullest.
    Since I'm someone that spends atleast 8-10hrs in front of PC while studying I just came to an idea to do something which wouldn't affect my workout in negative way ?
    What is your toughts on this guys ? Would u suggest it and why ,and why not if so ?
    My flaccid lenght has never been good,I'm a bit too much of a grower tbh and I'd like to change that if possible .
    Been thinking to sit on my unit while it's between my buttcheeks ,so I need advice on that .

    Sorry for long post ,Hope I recieve feedback !
    Thanks Ya'll ! ^_^

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    Have you had any gains?
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        I believe LASs are a good idea. You may also want to consider an all day stretcher.
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          Originally posted by not2big View Post
          I believe LASs are a good idea. You may also want to consider an all day stretcher.
          Umm,that's what I tought,sitting on it for a certain amount of time sounds good after workout ,since I'm spending the day in my chair for most of the time ,not counting gyming and evening walks
          What exactly is a all day stretcher,something like devices or ?
          And what would be suggested regarding time with LASs,I'm kinda sure I shouldn't sit for hours at first


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            Originally posted by CUSP82 View Post
            Have you had any gains?
            Um ,I haven't really measured anything yet,it does feel different but even if I did is maybe 0.xcm .
            I measured before starting all of this ,back in december 15th i think ,than was jumping from side to side with BM and jp90 ,and had to take a break afterwards,for a week ,since I felt exhausted and overtrained ,so I'm kinda counting it now from start of february ,and will measure next month ,so I can keep track easily


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              So how long do U guys think I should do LASs at beggining ,atm im having it 6 mins under me and is very hot ,is that normal ? I can feel it stretching on my pubic area ?
              I need some expert advice on how to do that,and how to build that up ,where should I start from,how long ,and at what point should i stop ,I want to max utilize my 10hrs infront of PC ,so I'd appreciate some advice on that ?