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Increasing girth?

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  • Increasing girth?

    Hi guys,

    I'm new to the forums. Does anybody know of any exercises specifically geared at increasing girth. I'm 5.5 inches around in girth, and I want to be thicker. Ideally I'd like to add another inch or at least be 6 inches in girth.


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    Start a beginner routine first.
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      Originally posted by NP97 View Post
      Start a beginner routine first.
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        Welcome to the gym schlongguy! That's some excellent advice you just got. Always remember


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          You must condition your penis for at least 2 months before you can do any serious girth work. For now, if all you want is girth then Jelq away!
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            May I suggest you look around the site before posting stuff that could be self answered in a simple search? Not being an A-hole, but there is no need for this post, especially when it isn't in the beginner section.

            This is an example of why I would love to see a section on this site for only advanced PE'ers. Limit who can post/reply while not limiting who can view. I know I can get goofy sometimes, but people who don't seek out info on their own before posting do drive me crazy. I was on this site for many weeks before I posted anything, and even then I am sure I asked some bone head questions. I mean, how do you not at least ask this question in the beginners section?
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              Your right rbi, its in the wrong forum. I'll move it to the beginners forum. Post your site suggestions in the "Site announcements and Questions". I don't know the possibility of such a thing, but its worth looking at.


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                Thanks guys, I will look into it. I want a thicker penis so bad. Really feeling insecure about it. I would like to gain at least another half inch or inch in girth.


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                  THe jelqing should do the trick. It did for me.
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                    Jelqing, erect squeezes and flaccid bends.
                    Old Gym Log - Tracking progress with the iLogPE App
                    "Wherever you go, there you are. Stay sexy, my friends."