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  • Possible Negative Effects?

    I have attempted to find this particular topic in the forums with no luck.

    Is it possible to permanently decrease the size of the penis by jelqing? Has anyone experienced or heard of this happening?

    I also like to work out which usually causes my flaccid penis size to dramatically decrease. If I begin jelqing how will the shrinkage effect the healing of the penile tissues? Is it possible that penis shrinkage due to normal physiological stresses can actually cause the penile tissue to permanently heal to a smaller size?

    This is my primary concern with starting a serious jelquing routine. And I am not greedy; an inch in both length and circumference would be fantastic.

    Thanks for your help! This is a great site!

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    Welcome to the PEGym!
    It sounds like your Physiological Indicators are negative from either over training or being way too physical in your work outs.
    Give his a read: Physiologic-Indicators-PI's-to-help-penis-growth
    Others will post their suggestions so stay tuned!
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      Penis shrinkage is often hormonal in nature ,though prolonged disuse will also cause it.


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        I have read that as we men get older, it's natural that some shrinkage does occur - through hormonal decreases and general muscle atrophy. I would think that consistent PE and dietary supplements - esp. testosterone boosters - would counteract and/or reverse that. Jelqing puts blood into the penis and helps expand the chambers to hold more blood ... I don't see how this could cause shrinkage when done properly ...
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          Thanks for the quick replies. You guys are awesome.

          What I am actually referring to is the shrinking that occurs during temperature or physically stressful activity where the blood is sent to the needed areas of the body and taken away from others. Have none of you experienced this after a workout or run?


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            Of course this ,is temporary. Pe'ers tend to try and avoid prolonged turtleing, as we call it, to max gains.