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  • Starting over

    Hey everyone, I'm back here after an intial flurry into the pe world a long time back which was far to much of a 'fast and hard' - inevitably this didn't last long. So now I'm back to take things slow and steady (doing a slightly modified 90 JP routine) and things have been going good. I do a 5 - 10 min warm up with a cup of hot water then some basic stretching (JAI, rotations etc) then 100 jelqs progessing each day by 10. I'm on week two now and my little man is feeling good, intially when starting out I was finding it difficult to get hard when beating the proverbial meat and morning wood was definitely weak to say the least. Now I'm getting rock hard wood in the 9.5 - 10 EQ sector and my penis looks and feels thicker but i haven't properly measured yet so next week will tell me if I've just imagined it. I will probably move this over to the progress section and keep up a journal?? to help me with motivation and discipline. Oh yeah I was also wondering if any of you more experienced p.e. guys could tell me what you think of 100% flacid jelqing and whether you think this is very good for length gains or a complete waste of time.. I've added 50 reps to the ends of my routine (after letting my penis got flacid) and its kinda weird but I feel its more beneficial to length gains - moving the blood up the penis feels harder and there seems to be more of a resistance but then again that may just be a neewbies overactive imagination.. Thanks anyways guys I'll try and keep you updated.

    BPFL 5.00
    BPFSL 7.00
    EL 6.6
    PBEL 6.8/9
    EG 5.00

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    Welcome back Kingslong!