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It takes me 40 minutes to complete about 1/3 of JP's routine- jelqing problem

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  • It takes me 40 minutes to complete about 1/3 of JP's routine- jelqing problem

    Hey everyone, I'm a new poster/beginner who's just recently started PEing. Been doing JP's 90 day routine for the past 2 weeks and basically, I take about 40 minutes (not including warm up/down) to finish the stretching part and only a third of his jelqing routine. Basically, I can't sustain an erection while doing the jelqs for more than 10 jelqs at a time. I seem to have the opposite problem of people who say they get too hard doing jelqs. Could it be some lingering ED problems that's causing this? I'm careful to use plenty of lube and a light grip to make sure I'm not tiring my dick so I don't think it's my technique. Honestly I don't even mind doing a shortened routine, it's just the fact that this problem may be reflecting underlying ED issues that I'm worried about. Just hoping someone could shed some light on what the issue might be.

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    Honestly, I had the same problem for a while. It took some getting used to for me. I would do about 50 jelqs and almost be flaccid. This might be bad advice, but I try to get around a 90% erection. Then I wait for it to drop to about 50-60% and then I jelq. I get about 100 done this way and then need to do it again. Its annoying, but I think its better than jelqing at higher erection levels, for now at least.

    Make sure you're using enough lube too. This might be the problem. I think its natural honestly. When I am doing vjelqs I don't have as much of a problem.

    Also the routine problem takes me the same amount of time as you...sometimes longer.


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      What the issue could be for the both of you is that from stretching it tears the smooth muscle in your penis (think like weightlifting muscle tears) and then that influences how your penis responds to getting hard and what not. What my suggestion would be is to try jelqing before stretching. See if that works.
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