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Post jelq stretching?

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  • Post jelq stretching?

    I was thinking of adding some stretching exercises post jelq in addition to normal routine .Is it good idea?
    If it is then is there any particular stretching exercise I should do..

    Also I wanted to ask some more doubts
    --- JAI stretches should be done before dir stretches,after directional stretches or post jelq(i read someone do them post jelq also)?
    ---Considering they are very light exercises can JAI stretches be done without warm up
    --- I will have to go on holidays from PE after 15 days for about two weeks .. I was thinking what effect will it have on my JP routine(I have done half month JPs routine)

    Please bear with me if doubts are too trivial but the more I read more doubts I get .. maybe it should be otherwise
    Current Stats: BPEL- 5' NBPEL - 4.5' EG- 4.5' Aim: BPEL-6' EG- 5'

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    That's fine, just wipe the lube off so you can stretch well.

    Stretch in any order, I mix it up to keep things fun.
    Technically, yes, but early on you should still warm up.
    Don't worry about PE if you're on vacation. Have fun.
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      thanks NP for the reply
      Well I was thinking that penis is not the same post jelq than before jelq, so are there some particular streching exercise to avoid or to do post jelq?
      Current Stats: BPEL- 5' NBPEL - 4.5' EG- 4.5' Aim: BPEL-6' EG- 5'


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        Do 10-20 JAI stretches every time you take a pee or whenever its convenient.