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Aiming to gain 2 inches long term

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  • Aiming to gain 2 inches long term

    Just started doing PE, had done it on and off before, some pumping and use of an extender but both did not last for more than a week each. But have been looking around the forums and found a lot of useful advice and info so have decided to start doing PE seriously. I am a week in and as of this post I am taking a 2 day rest after 5 days of work
    This is are my measurements:
    6 May 2020
    BPFL - 4-4.25inches
    NBPFL - 3.5-3.75inches
    BPEL - 5.25-5.5inches
    NBPEL - 4.75-5inches

    Goal: 6 Aug 2020 (3 months)
    NBPFL - 4.5inches
    NBPEL - 5.75-6inches

    Measurements are about 0.25inches off as I am not used to taking measurements and my dick length varies sometimes I guess due to certain factors like being in an aircon room and other stuff. But I do hope to gain at least 1 inch and am hoping to maybe see it in 3 months or 6 months.

    This is what my routine looks like:
    5 min warm up
    5 min stretches
    3-4 sets of
    stretch to the left, kegel 20 times
    stretch downwards, kegel 20 times
    stretch to the right, kegel 20 times
    stretch upwards, kegel 20 times
    I hold the stretch throughout for all 4 directions and do helicopter swings for about 50 times
    10-15 min jelqing
    I mainly do 30%-50% jelqs downwards, but if I feel like I am not pushing enough blood through my penis I will
    do a kegel and use one hand like a clamp to keep the extra blood in the penis and then jelq
    Each jelq is about 3-5 secs and once I feel that the normal jelqing is not effective I will do V-jelqs, about 100-
    200 reps quickly
    After my jelqing I follow JonPop's advice of shaking my penis up and down about 50 times to get the blood back
    5-10 min of pumping
    I usually do my PE before I shower so I usually do my pumping as I shower, I do not have a gauge so I just
    pump it to a pressure where I feel my dick is pretty hard but also not at a pressure where it hurts a lot
    5 min cool down

    If I feel that after all this PE is not enough, I will do hanging, usually for about 1 hour. I know that it is not recommended to do hanging and pumping as a beginner but after 5 days of PE I have not experienced any negative PIs and I feel it helps with my PE. I do a 5 day on and 2 day off routine, I would workout everyday if I could but after reading the forums I realised having rest days is important and true enough on my first rest day, I do feel my dick telling me to rest

    Ill check back in about 2 weeks or a month where I measure myself again.
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    Hey Starter!

    Welcome to the Gym

    As a refresher, It would be a good idea to click on the Start Here button at the top left of the page. Lots of good information on what the Gym is all about, including best practices and safety tips.

    You seem to have developed a proper routine; however, you might want to check out some of the beginners’ routines to see if there may be something to improve upon.

    Jelq with an erection level between 40 and 70%. Do not grip too tight, just enough to feel blood moving up the shaft . When stretching, grab your shaft about one inch below the glans and do not pull too hard, just enough to feel a slight stretch. Let your PIs be your guide as to how hard to do your exercise.

    Don’t forget to take good starting measurements and photos so you have a solid base to compare your gains to.

    PE safely and good luck with your endeavors.
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    12/11 NBPEL - 5.1, MSEG - 5
    01/13 NBPEL - 5.35, MSEG - 5.1
    01/14 NBPEL - 5.35, MSEG - 5.25
    01/16 NBPEL - 5.4, MSEG - 5.5
    Fat Pad = 1+/-

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      You should kiss god's hand, if you even reach 0.5 inch long term, my friend.
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      Started: 01.01.2018
      NBPEL: 5.7''
      MEG: 4.8''

      Current: 01.01.2019
      NBPEL: 5.7''
      BPEL: 6.9''
      BEG: 4.9"
      MEG: 5"
      Below head: 5.1"


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        Hi, if I do gain 0.5inches I would be very grateful. Actually I would be very grateful if I even gained at all.


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          Hi, I will certainly check out the beginners' routines and thanks for the advice!


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            Don't get your hopes, just saying. I'm doing PE for 3 years now, i cannot tell you if i have gains or no. Mostly is no. If you have time and privacy, try it. I'm now stuck only in 10 min jelqing + 2 x 10 min pumping - 4 times a week. I've quite all those clamping/hanging/stretching and etc. Consume alot of time, real result = 0.
            Started: 01.01.2018
            NBPEL: 5.7''
            MEG: 4.8''

            Current: 01.01.2019
            NBPEL: 5.7''
            BPEL: 6.9''
            BEG: 4.9"
            MEG: 5"
            Below head: 5.1"


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              I'd save the hanging for later down the road.

              For someone who wants to reach long term goals, you're going too hard, too fast too soon.

              Back off a little.

              If you still have an extender, then that's the ideal thing to add at the end of your Jp90.

              Though I wouldn't do more than 2-3 sets of each excercise before fitting the extender.

              All that said, I'd give the jp90 a go for another few weeks before putting the extender on.

              Some people would disagree with me saying the jp90 is a beginners conditioning routine, but extenders can be used by beginners too. There's nothing outside of people's opinions to say you shouldn't do it.

              It worked well for me.

              Start - 20/05/18.

              BPEL - 6.75
              EG - 5.00

              Current stats.

              25/4/20 BPEL - 8.35 "
              EG - 5.7 "


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                Hi, thanks for the advice! I think i'll drop the hanging for the meantime and slowly add it back into the routine with lighter weights.


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                  Remember for the first 3 months your goal really is to condition the burrito so that you greatly reduce the risk of injuries as you move to more advanced routines that have been tried and proven to increase length and girth. It's a marathon not a sprint here. There is a good chance though that you will experience newbie gains that are usually attributed to increased EQ. Feel free to check out my routine in my signature to see and example of progression.

                  Wishing you the best of luck! Keep a solid and detailed progress log going so that the members here can review your routine and offer advice and help when needed.
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                    If you're aiming for 2+ inches in length, recognize this will be a multi-year process. Condition your dick first (JP90 is great for this). Then gradually build up to more advanced regimens like the Advanced Jelq-Free Routine and/or hanging. Ultimately, you have to experiment a little to learn what works best for you. For example, hanging does induce decent stress on my penis, but it comes with the risks of injuring the glans which I try to mitigate. I've actually found I feel the best fatigue on my ligaments (especially on the edges) by doing side-to-side stretches. The point is it will take a while, but ultimately you'll look back and thank yourself for having patience.


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                      I'm .5 inches away from the 2 inch length gain mark. There's a whole thread of people who were able to make massive gains. PE is of course always a marathon, and consistency is key.
                      Start BPEL 5.5, MSEG 4.85
                      2020 BPEL 7.25, MSEG 5.0

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                        Hi ultimate burrito, thanks for the advice! I'll back off of hanging for now, i'm mainly doing stretches and jelqing which is similar to the JP90


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                          Hi SauronHimself, thanks for the advice! I'll be solely focusing on conditioning my dick now with jelqing and stretching.


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                            Hi 8x5Goalzz, thats great to hear your so close to your goal! I would love to see myself hit that mark one day.

                            Update: I ordered some silicone sleeves for passive healing as seen on TotalMan, once they arrive I'll use them after each jelqing session to keep my dick in an elongated state

                            P.S. After jelqing how long should my dick stay engorged? Mine usually stays for at most 5minutes before it goes back to normal. If its not long enough, how can I make sure it stays engorged longer? I usually jelq with about 50%-70% erection level, around the borderline of being hard to penetrate but more towards flexible and I jelq with a tight grip with about 3 seconds for each jelq.


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                              Originally posted by fantasist View Post
                              You should kiss god's hand, if you even reach 0.5 inch long term, my friend.
                              ^^^ Sorry but don't listen to this guy.

                              You can absolutely gain 1" and then some. Over many years its very possible to gain 2 inches. Just stick to a program. Be committed and PE will work. I would echo the voice of others to try JP90 or some type of conditioning routine. Also, using an extender is a great way to kick off length gains. You could probably gain a full inch just with that. Remember this is a long term commitment. Years of growth, not weeks or months.
                              Start: 5/28/2019 BPEL - 6.25, EG - 4.75
                              Current: 5/23/2021 BPEL - 7.5, EG - 5.625
                              Long Term Goal: BPEL - 8, EG - 6