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Lose weight before PE?

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  • Lose weight before PE?

    I'm overweight with a skinny-fat physique.

    Would you guys advise I lose the weight first before doing PE?

    I want to start JP90 but I'm fearful that my dick will end up like a baseball bat because of my fat pad.

    Or perhaps there is a routine I can do in the meantime while I shed the pounds?

    Interested to hear your thoughts.

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    Loosing weight would be a good idea not only to improve your overall health, but also it will help reduce your fat pad which will show more of your hidden erection.

    However, do not wait to start PE. The longer you wait the longer it will take to make gains. Weight and baseball bat affect are not related.
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      Agreed PE while losing weight to get that double whammy effect of simultaneous weight loss and growth. The activities often associated with weight loss should help to raise your EQ- further accelerating your potential for gains.
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        What causes the baseball bat effect, if you don't mind me asking?


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          Yep, don't wait. You can PE and lose weight at the same time. I've been weight training for over 20 years and have built up a very muscular physique. If you're skinny-fat I highly recommend starting off with a weight training plan (ie. free weights) over cardio exercises. Depending on your age, you could build a tremendous amount of muscle in a few years.

          You can worry about fat-loss down the road after you've built up a solid muscle base. Eat a healthy diet full of meat protiens, vegtables, and low to moderate carbohydrates. If it doesn't come from the earth, don't eat it. Stay out of the middle of the grocery store. You should be shopping at the produce, meat, and dairy sections only.
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            Most of us got to weights gym and PEgym too. Both are long process and need to consistent.