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First Post and a few questions a week into taking PE seriously again.

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  • First Post and a few questions a week into taking PE seriously again.

    Hello all! I've been lurking this forum as a guest for many years now but only recently decided to invest in devices to achieve the penis I always wanted.

    I'm on the larger side of average now (15.5cm or around 6.1" and 15cm or 5.9" in EG) but I'm also 6'6" tall and that makes it seem proportionally small compared to the rest of me... and getting back into the kink scene again, those folks love the look of a huge hanger! I'm in decent shape otherwise... I workout a few times a week and eat more consciously than I used to, don't drink much anymore and only smoke a little weed in the evenings (I have a medical card for it). My last experiment was to see how much weight I could lose in 6 months using just 5 hours of VR exercise per week without any other exercise or diet adjustments (30lbs as it turns out!) and I'm excited about the experiment of seeing how much penis length I can gain in the next 6 months.

    I did some PE in college but just jelqs mainly for ensuring erection quality and reliliance more than size... though I definitely got girthier from them over time... not sure about longer. I'm using a Phallosan Forte overnight now (after reacclaimation to PE) and a Bathmate in the mornings. I followed Phallosan's recommendation of adding an hour to each use and made it to my first 10 hour session last night. Bathmate I was using 5mins a day every day for the first week but every day is proving to be bad for my erections and starting to make my frenulum sore so I'm going to 2 on 1 off at 8 mins hoping to progress eventually to 15-20 with that same frequency. I'm not planning on doing manual work other than warmups before each device... similar to my VR experiment... I want to see what happens with just the devices without much change to my lifestyle otherwise... plus I'm a busy dude (work in TV/Media production) and can't devote the kind of time to leaning on manuals. I did plenty of manuals in my early 20s anyway... they're super boring to me now haha.

    I'd love to hear some vet opinions on this routine. I'm tracking progress extensively but don't think I'll be doing it here actively, I may post results after seeing them. In addition, here are some questions that have come up in my first week:
    1. How much should I be paying attention to erection/ejaculation quality while training? I know the muscles and tissues can become fatigued and usually a rest is all that's needed to make them ok again. My first week my erections were some of the best I've had in years! but that has passed now and the member is much more sluggish to wake and stay that way.
    2. Is there any records of anyone getting really aggressive or having depression symptoms or sour moods while acclimating or even after? I haven't had sex since the day I started and I have a high libido so that's probably part of it but other than that this is the only thing in my life that's changed recently and I want to be sure I'm not screwing up my brain while doing this to myself.
    3. I've found a lot of routines for bathmate solo and phallosan forte solo... but very few reliable ones of the two in tandum. Has anyone used both simultaneously and can give me some safe but efficient plans of where to go from here? Essentially I was just going to build up to max time for both devices and then start using the bathmate with gradually stronger erection before insertion but I don't have anything more concrete decided since I'm not sure yet how I'll react or how much is too much. I'm new to devices but I've done manual PE before so I'm pretty durable down there... the line's harder to find.

    Thank you all for sharing your progress, advice, struggles and encouragements over the years. I may have just joined the forum but your words have been guiding me a long time and I appreciate them a lot

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    If you are looking at strictly using devices you might want to consider hanging, the results are undeniable. It is also very time consuming and has a steep learning curve.
    Manual stretching, and manual expansion (jelq, uli, etc) might be your best bet. At most it takes a little more than an hour from warm-up, stretching, jelqing for me. I have no idea how restrictive you schedule may be, you might not have an hour to burn.

    The best solution might be to stretch and jelq a little bit before you bathmate and keep up with the phallosan. When I used a bathmate I always felt like I got better expansion if I stretched and jelqed before hand.
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      Hey CptMalReynolds!

      Welcome to the Gym

      It would be a good idea to click on the Start Here button at the top left of the page. Lots of good information on what the Gym is all about, including best practices and safety tips.

      It is always recommended to start with a beginners routine (doesn't have to be the JP) and continue with it for 90 days or until you stop gaining. Start slowly and build up to the full routine over a few weeks.

      Jelq with an erection level between 40 and 70%. Do not grip too tight, just enough to feel blood moving up the shaft. When stretching, grab your shaft about one inch below the glans and do not pull too hard, just enough to feel a slight stretch. Let your PIs be your guide as to how hard to do your exercise.

      With regard to pumping, start with a 10 to 15 minute session at 4 hg and over several weeks slowly increase time and vacuum until you reach 20 minutes at 5 hg. You can then add a second session. Lots of pumping information in the Devices Forum under the Pumping sticky.

      Don’t forget to take good starting measurements and photos so you have a solid base to compare your gains to.

      PE safely and good luck with your endeavors.
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        Is there a reason you have not had sex?


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          So I'm less than 3 months in now (75 days... the last 7 of which I did no PE) and already an inch longer BPEL... My partner notices and even struggles to take me now and yesterday flat out said during an HJ "Damn! You're a head taller now you see that? I didn't used to have both hands around you and you STILL come out the top!".

          I fucking love this! I'm nervous however if I keep going the full 6 months she won't want regular sex anymore because it's starting to hurt her in certain positions or when we try to get a quickie in. Has anyone had any purely mechanical problems getting laid after getting bigger? I'm like 7inch BPEL and 6.4in girth now (starting from 6.1BPEL and 5.9girth) and showing no signs of slowing. People joke about hammering nails in with boners but I honestly think there have been times this month I was hard enough that I could've and my partner would definitely attest to feeling "nailed". The PF+bathmate combo may be pricey but holy shit the results have been spectacular!


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            Wow. Your girth gains are probably the issue. Have you asked her what hurts? So. Slow down, less time with each, I know you are on a high but a dick she doesn’t enjoy is one that will spend all its time in your palm.
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