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Newbie gains, newbie questions JP / Big Al

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  • Newbie gains, newbie questions JP / Big Al

    70 days ago I started JP's 90 Day Beginner Routine. ( I am 44 years old, never dis any kind of PE)
    I was not satisfied with amount of stretching I got from JPís routine and because session takes me 2,5 hours to complete ( with edging in the end ) 20 days ago I started incorporating / alernate with Big Alís Advanced "Jelq Free" Routine.
    I train my member 5-6 days a week , do kegels during the day and JAI stretches at least 3x daily when going to toilet.
    So in 70 days:
    - I gained 0,9 cm in length ( from 15,5 to 16,4 BPEL
    - 1,7 cm in MSEG girth ( from 12,7 to 14,4 cm ) -> my wife really likes this

    When I started doing reverse kegels I feel girth gains went rapidly up.
    I am much more interested in length gains and Iíve read that if targeting length one should not do girth work therefore questions ...

    1. Do I need to stick with either one routine for a month or two more and then change something ? (iím very much experiencing girth gains more then length Iím focusing on)

    2. I ordered compression hanger ( tried noose hanging 2,5 kg for 20 minutes and did not feel any fatigue ) - should I wait for a couple of months more before I start hanging

    Sorry for my English, itís not my native


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    It sounds to me like your an easy girth gainer. There is a theory of working on length first, girth second but there have been many who have made great gains working on both at the same time. For now focus a little more on the stretching and less on the girth work in your routine. Once you have finished up your 90 days of conditioning you can then change over to a hanging routine. Don't be surprised if you do continue to make girth gains while hanging, I made all of mine with it.
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      Thank You Mr Cavalier.
      I think Iíll do one 6 weeks round of Big Alís Jelq free routine and see where I go from there. There will be time for hanging, PE is a nice trip and I have all the time in the world


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        Both of the routines you mention are very different.

        Testing is necessary, but if you find something that works- stick with it! It's hoped the Jelq Free routine works for you!
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          I am aware that there is no universal formula as everyone is different, and by reading forum - guys expect overnight results - this I see as a major problem with men interested in PE.
          Yesterday I completed first day of your routine, 30 squeezes followed 500 side to side stretches, done 50 5 sec kegels ( I also do around 100 kegels while at work ) , edging ...
          After the ďworkoutĒ my penis felt fatigued in a way I never experienced with JPís routine. This morning flacid is longer and veiny. Will stick with your routine as I feel it could work for me.
          Big Al - thank you very much


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            Wow congrats on your gains. Wish i could gain girth that fast, yet i'm still stuck at 5.25'' after 35 days.