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    Hey I have been doing the beginners routine for about a week now and I have read on some posts that after a workout your penis should be larger than normal and engorged. After my workouts my penis is only slightly engorged and larger than normal but not by much and also it doesn't last long(Maybe an hour) then it's back to normal. So am I doing it wrong or what?

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    Don't expect it to be massive compared to normal or anything. When i started it would definitely hang pretty full after a workout, like a good semi but flaccid. At first it would only stay plump for a few minutes but now seems to last longer.


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      I've been doing the beginner's program for almost three weeks now, and am expecting slow gains, etc in order to not get discouraged. After PE, I'm not seeing anything overwhelming. But it is a nice hang similar to after getting out of a hot shower. So I take that as a good sign.