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    So I have been lurking for a while and decided to finally join!

    These past 3 months I had been doing the JP90 routine(5-10 warm up, 30 second stretches in all directions listed, 50 Jelqs with each hand since I had to pull back my fat, 50 kegels, and 5-10 warm down. 2on1off) which didn't give me much length but I felt my erection quality was way better. I decided to start the JP90 routine to stop masturbating to p0rn so much. I was addicted and I hated it. These past 3 months have definitely helped me focus on working out instead of masturbating to porn. I didn't go full cold turkey but I can count how many times I've watched it. I'm still trying to completely get rid of it.

    My question now is should I keep going with the JP90 or is there any other exercises I could do? Kind of lost on what I should be doing now. Thanks guys!

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    Welcome to the forum!

    The volume of your routine is very low for 3 months in. By now you should be up to 3 or mores sets of stretching in all directions and 200 - 300 jelqs. Stick with the JP90 and start increasing the total volume before moving on to any other routine or exercise.
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      Oh I see! I thought I would have to be doing the same routine for 3 months, but I will start again while increasing volume every 2 weeks. Thank you for your help Cavalier!


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        You should try measuring every 2 weeks and checking out your PI’s to see whether you should increase, decrease, or stick to your routine intensity.

        If you increased size, stick with your current intensity. If you didn’t gain, increase intensity. If you decreased gains, then lower your intensity (might also be your EQ so you should keep track of that weekly too).

        Good luck with the program!


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          Yea I did not measure when I did the first 3 months of the JP90, but I did like my EQ. Stopping porn and doing the JP90 really helped me out for sure. I just feel less anxious when speaking to women.

          I did feel like I might have had performance anxiety when I had intercourse last week. It had been over a year that I had not had sexual intercourse so naturally I was nervous. I tend to overthink a lot but I had a hard on while making out and as soon as I took off my underwear my boner went from like 8.5 out of 10 hard to a 5. It was hard to get it up and it took me a good 5 minutes to get it hard enough to penetrate. After that it was good but I know I was still overthinking everything. Any good tips to solve performance anxiety?


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            For me, the more comfortable I was with someone, the less performance anxiety I had. I always had to have a little more of an emotional connection to feel less vulnerable due to my size and social insecurities. First, and sometimes second, times with someone were usually failures in the erection department. It was always a snowball effect of realizing I was losing my erection and trying too hard to get it up. Just gotta relax. The fact it only took you a few minutes to be ready to go again... looks like you're doing pretty good.


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              Yea I think I'm the same way. I have to feel comfortable with the person, but its good to know that it is normal! I was getting worried. Tomorrow I will being seeing her again and hopefully it goes well. Still a bit nervous, but I've done JP90 and have only masturbated once this week to see if I perform better!