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    Below I share my routine which I do 5 day a week (Monday to Friday)

    1- Warm Up - Rice Sock (10 min)
    2- Side to Side Stretch (100 reps) +/- 3 min

    3- Side Pull (right/left/2 o'clock/10 o'clock) - 4x2 min
    5- Mandingo Stretch (right and left hand) - 2x1 min

    6- LDP stretch (right and left) - 2x1 min
    7- Bundled Stretch (right/left pull) - 2x1 min

    8- A-stretch (right and left hand performing) - 2x1 min
    9- BTC stretch (right and left) - 2x1 min

    10 - Straight Forward pull - 2 min
    11- Jelq (about 200 reps) day on-day off
    12- Warm down - Rice sock (10 min)

    I did JP90 about 3 months (Fev-Marc-Apr) without visible enlargement results. Since May I focused primarily on stretches and i noticed some improvement below the gland (like 2 mm).

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    Thanks man. Following this thread.


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      That is intense. The Mandingo, Bundled and A-stretch all in one routine seems like a lot to me. Watch your PIs and EQ. If you start to see negative indicators, ease off, don't push.
      03/2015 Start <Able to last ~ 2 mins PIV>
      12/2019 EL: +2.2 MEG: +1 <Able to last 60+ mins PIV>


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        I am performing this routine since 20th May. I will keep it for 3 months and measure every month completed.

        BPEL 6.7 inc / 17 cm
        EG 4.7 inc / 12 cm
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          After one month doing this routine I noticed somewhere gains and I am very happy with it.

          In this period I skept very few days but have to admit that I don't put the same effort every train I performed.

          So talking about measures, now the space between the shaft and head starts to become bigger. Incredibly also notice girth gains which are a big turn on.

          Increased something like 3 millimetres in length and about the same in girth.