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UK members - what do you use for lube?

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  • UK members - what do you use for lube?

    I use Nivea lotion but I don't feel it lubricates enough. What's the best lube to use and any idea where I could get it? Also don't want something so expensive. Cheers!

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    Sometimes i use tracy cox stuff it's like a water based lube.


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      Seems to be few UK members.

      Okay everybody: What brand/product do you use for lube and how would you rate it?



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        all sorts, vaseline works quite well for me. I'm usually all over the show so it can be baby oil or even olive oil which aren't bad. Sorry this hasn't been helpful in terms of brand haha but many people like bio oil, it's something i want to try.
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          olive oil


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            Yep, baby oil from the chemist, or olive oil from the kitchen. Sometimes 50/50 mix.


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              I use this lubricant concoction mentioned on thunder's palace. (Lubricant for Penis Enlargement - Penis Enlargement Manual)

              1. Get a 32 oz (.94 liter) "sports" bottle with a top that pops up or a plastic container with a top that allows you to squeeze out a dab of lotion at a time. The bottle needs to have some "headroom", so as you add the ingredients, you have enough room to be able to thoroughly shake it.
              2. Buy a large generic hand/body lotion that contains aloe vera. You will need about 20 ozs. (.6L) for the receipe.
              3. get a 1 oz. (29ml) vial of pure vitamin E oil with at least 14,000IU potency per bottle (or you can get high potency oil-based capsules, break them open and squeeze enough into the receipe to get 14,000 IU).
              4. get a 4oz. tube of K-Y jelly (I use the drug store brand, same stuff but cheaper)
              5. a 1 oz. vial of Comfrey Root extract (preferably Pyrrolizidine free)
              6. a 1 oz vial of Calendula extract(the brand I bought was acutally 1.7 oz, but 60% alcohol)
              7. if too thick add about 2 - 3 oz of water (i had to do this).
              It has great healing properties which are good for PE. Holland and Barret stock all of the ingredients apart from calendula extract. They have a calendula based cream which is only about 1% but it's better than nothing. I'm sure that you can find the extract online.

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                I have been using coconut oil-only need a little and lasts and works well-good for circulation too.
                Also have started bio-oil (which is great value on Amazon)-its reputed to be good for stretch marks so might be a good choice to stop inevitable stretchmarks at source.

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                  Rescue Oil - it's like Bio Oil but one third of the price. I bought it at a small Chemists.

                  It smells of nothing - unlike Bio Oil which can leave you smelling like a Tart's Window Box.
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                    Using Baby oil with aloe vera, lasts me approximately 2-3 months per bottle, usually nomore than 3 from tescos.
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                      lol, I must be one of the only people that actually buy lube for jelqing

                      I use WetStuff w/ Vit E - great lube and quite cheap. One tube lasts me a few months as you only need a little for a whole workout. Just add a little bit of water if your getting dry half way through and you're good to go again!
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                        Go to Boots and buy some Bio Oil.

                        Trust me, once you've used it you'll want to use nothing else!
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                          vaselin or any moisturiser both do the trick
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                            Originally posted by ReetB View Post
                            Go to Boots and buy some Bio Oil.

                            Trust me, once you've used it you'll want to use nothing else!
                            Is this the product?

                            Bio-Oil 125ml - Boots

                            Thank you.

                            You sure it's better than baby oil? Have you tried both? Many seem to be recommending baby oil.


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                              biooil is amazing but is expensive!
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