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How safe is PE?

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  • How safe is PE?

    Im sorry if this was posted before,but can something go wrong even if you warm up/down and do the exercises corectly?

    Is PE completely safe if you're careful?I don't want to end up with a dead dick.

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    Nothing in life is risk free. Doing the exercises correctly is only one part of the equation. How one reacts to the exercises can be very individualistic. A beginner routine does work well for most but for some it's too much. The best way to reduce the risk of injury is to get a feel for how your penis is reacting to the exercises and what it's telling you. If your not sure then err on the side of caution and ask questions.
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      As safe as a normal gym.


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        It's one of those things where you are increasing your risk of being injured the faster you jump into the more extreme stuff. Take this analogy for an example: If you are at a gym and you have no prior experience with weight lifting or leg lifting and you go straight into attempting a 350 pound leg lift, you have a higher chance of hurting yourself than if you were to start with something around 180 pounds. The more you work you put into PE, the more extreme you can go without the risk of having just started PE. Another analogy would be alcohol tolerance. If you're an "alcohol virgin" and you choose to go right for the 90% alcohol content vodka, you'll be wasted astronomically faster than someone who has been drinking consistently over the course of 5 years. Obviously, you won't get drunk on penis exercises, but what I am trying to convey is that if you jump into extreme exercises immediately, you'll have a higher chance of getting injured than if you were to keep it to a minimal since you are just starting. Though that doesn't go to say that you aren't going to damage yourself by doing minimal exercises, there is just a significantly lower chance of your hurting yourself compared to the if you were doing the maximum.

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          Hey cismaru!

          Welcome to the Gym

          It would be a good idea to click on the Start Here button at the top left of the page. Lots of good information on what the Gym is all about, including best practices and safety tips.

          It is always recommended to start with a beginners routine (doesn't have to be the JP) and continue with it for 90 days or until you stop gaining. Start slowly and build up to the full routine over a few weeks.

          Jelq with an erection level between 40 and 70%. Do not grip too tight, just enough to feel blood moving up the shaft. When stretching, grab your shaft about one inch below the glans and do not pull too hard, just enough to to feel a slight stretch. Let your PIs be your guide as to how hard to pursue your routine.

          Don’t forget to take good starting measurements and photos so you have a solid base to compare your gains to.

          PE safely and good luck with your endeavors.
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