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Begginer routine JP90 with good results.

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  • Begginer routine JP90 with good results.

    Hi there, this is my first post here but I hope it wont be the last.

    I started pegym last year during summer. Reading in this webīs forums and sections I started the JP90. To be honest I didnīt expect this techniques to work so I made the JP90 in a very non strict way thinking that jelqing would be a waste of time.

    Summer ended and so my JP90 attempt with no gains (no real work, no real results, of course). I decided to quit but I also realised that my EQ was better and veins were more visible in my unit.

    So in mid January 2019 started JP90 again but in a real strict way.

    Yesterday I measured and I just couldnīt believe it. I have passed from 17,5 cm to 18 cm length BPEL (6,89 to 7,08 in inches), so my first goal was done, to reach 7 inches or more. And from 12,4 cm to a little more of circunference MSEG (12,5-12,6cm, but not so sure about this one, 4,88 to 4,92 in inches).

    EQ has improved even more, and I am pretty sure that this gains is not a matter of EQ but some actual gains.

    Of course this has been really motivational to me and I pretend to end JP90 and continue pegym with more advanced exercises until I reach my goal.

    Last 3 days I have made a small variation on JP90 because I am more interested in gaining girth tan length (although both of them are welcomed). Feelings are really good but time will tell if it works as I want.

    I suppose that everyone is different but if you can recommend me something to maximise girth would be really appreciated. Iīve read really good things about clamping but Iīll wait until have more experience. Any advice?

    My personal JP90, based on the classical JP90:

    FOR ME: 4 day workout and 1-2 days rest routine.

    I use rice sock to warmup about 10-12 minutes. Much more confortable and practical than wet towels.

    Same thing as JP90 (Helicopter shakes, strechings and circular stretchings...).
    I have added some Flaccid Bend at the end ( for girth.

    Wet jelquing, I do not alternate between regular Jelqs and V-Jelqs. First the regular, then the V-Jelqs.
    For the Jelqs I do less repetitions than JP90 but really slow ones so I can feel work in the shaft. When I reach the glans, I stay there 1-2 seconds. Gland feels some pressure, but nothing really unconfortable.

    Same thing for V-Jelq. Really slow and feeling the exercice. Vīs are not a confortable exercise but you can really feel the work in your unit.

    More or less 70 reps of regular and 40 of V-Jelqs, depending on time aviable.

    I have started to add some Ulis at the end of the jelquing session for girth improvements.

    Rice socks another 10 minutes or hot shower 5-6 minutes.

    Besides this I do kegels during day when time allows. Regular and reverse. I really helps to improve EQ.