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JP90 didn't work what routines should I do next

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  • JP90 didn't work what routines should I do next

    I have done JP90 for 3 months and I have zero gains, what rountines should I do next to have some decent gains? Thanks in advance to who will respond

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    Some don't gain that fast.

    Anyway, before answering you should tell us how did it go.
    More specifically, how where your PIs during this time?

    Do you have a journal here?
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      I have gained a little in flaccid and my erections are now stronger and thats all


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        Try Big Al's The Advanced "Jelq Free" Routine.
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          I didn't gain off jp90 either, it set me up nicely to do the jelq free routine where I've gained nearly half an inch in 6 weeks.


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            I agree with Ideal as a little info on your routine practice would be good.
            I.E., warm up/warm down method, EQ% while jelqing, Jelq durations, your Penis reactions both post workouts and the next day. Did you do it standing or sitting, how tight was your grip. What other sorts of sensations or experiences might you have had during and/or after sessions, how long did each sesh take you, and what was your days on/days off practice.

            JP90 is still just a general, safe routine for newbs, designed specifically for conditioning. Kindof like starting to do 100 pushups a day, or putting everyone in Algebra at the same age. Some people are already naturally ahead of others. You might be ready for geometry earlier than the class or maybe you can already do 100 pushups pretty quickly compared to someone who can barely do 20 before being fatigued.

            So, if you were the second case, and you wanted to gain, youd quickly learn you should be upping to 200 pushups a day, etc, otherwise you just plateu.

            The one thing the JP90 is missing, IMO, is simply self reflection and adaptation to the program as you do it. Dont limit yourself by the progeam. As you go, focus on the sensations happening and re-adjust, be like, well, I need to double the jelq time up to 5+ seconds to really feel it, or I need to use a down direction to feel the lig stretch, or straight out to be able to grip closer to the base of the shaft and get a better plump or swell or blood trapped. Or the blood moves through the penis better for me at this EQ level vs that one. Or moves better with or without holding the glans as I start the second stroke.

            Treat it like a bench press or squat, look to focus on your form to "activate" the specific responses your aiming for.

            I think with these aspects, everyone should really experience some sort of gains with a JP90 or self-modified/self-customized JP90 routine.

            Then, once you get to where your legitimatelly maxed out from really being able to ramp up your routine any further, you can incorporate pumping, clamping, extending, hanging, stretches, ulis, and all the other advanced techniques and do them in a way where you've already developed a habit of focusing on form and sensations instead of just routine instructions, or in short, quality over quantity.

            If your only gains were EQ gains my immediate assumption would be that you did your jelqs at higher EQ% and/or speed. I know at first I thought I was doing solid 2-3 sec jelqs but when I changed from just counting reps to "one-onethousand two-onethousand three-onethousand ONE" and counted that way I was going at least twice too fast and didnt even know it and immediately felt a better workout.

            Anyway I know its a big reply but hopefully this helps. I think you should be able to make some decent newbie/JP90 gains before needing to add other stuff.

            But, incorporating the jelq-free routine, Bathmate, and/or an Extender post "workouts" are still all great stuff.

            Definitely wait on Clamping and Hanging though.
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              Originally posted by Karlsaming16 View Post
              I have gained a little in flaccid and my erections are now stronger and thats all
              Those are good signs. Look through the "penis exercises" up top and start adding in some more advanced ones to the jp90. Read through a few logs and see what other guys say, then try them out.
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