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  • Considering a break

    Hey guys so I been consistent every night since 8.1.18 and my gains are pretty much stalled and I been thinking that a break is needed. What do you think I should do, keep going and see what happens or take a break and ease back into it.

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    I took a break of one month after a year. My Glans and Banjo needed it.

    Do it because its the right thing to do and not the easy thing to do.


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      Laying off the PE every now and then is important not only for positive PI's but overall Penis health. I did a NoFap challenge for a while which consists of no Edging or Jelqing.
      ( Still being sexually active )

      The only thing I kept 💯 was my Kegels & Reverse Kegels routine outside of PE training.

      I Know my NoFap was not the traditional way but it was a way to get my PI's back on point.


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        Breaks are a good idea.

        I threaded about it here:

        I've talked about this on the ‘gym before, and have put some time and thought into breaks. Based on reading into the biology of it and the anecdotal evidence onsite, here is my take on breaks:

        (Based on the article "Penile Traction Therapy (Penile Lengthening Device)" in Penile Augmentation N.C. Park et al. (eds.), 2016.)

        "Tissue growth occurs as a result of tissue adaptation in response to application of chronic traction...This process is thought to be cellular proliferation like the process of distraction osteogenesis resulting from bone lengthening procedures by using traction... Prolonged traction force on tissue results in an adaptation reaction at a cellular level, which thereby results in the expansion of the tissues."

        "Therefore, the use of traction device is not just to stretch the tissue mechanically, but to actually induce tissue growth to make real gain of additional penile length"

        Tissue growth due to

        "Mechanotransduction is a cellular signal transduction in response to mechanical stimuli, which resulted in modulating almost all aspects of cell function, including cell growth, differentiation, migration, gene expression, protein synthesis, and apoptosis...It is thought tissue growing against chronic traction is one of the tissue protective mechanisms to try to loss of mechanical strength by subsequent collagen degradation...In addition, depolymerization of collagen fibers by increase in degradative enzymes induced not only weakening of the fibers by collagen degradation but the increase in newly synthesized collagen, which resulted in providing the extension of the tissue without trauma."

        If I am reading this correctly, and I am not a cellular biologist, it makes sense that we need to this in cycles to allow the tissue to grow and recover.

        Meaning do some manual work, make gains, cement gains, take break, start again, etc. The body will adjust to the “new normal”, then you could start again and potential make more gains.

        Theoretically, if you don’t stop and allow the body to adjust to the new normal, then maybe you get stuck at a certain level, or a plateau because you are not allowing for the tissue to grow.

        So, taking a break contributes towards the end goal. I find a week is more than enough to recover after a 6 to 8 week cycle.
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          I tried to take a week off after every three weeks and a couple off every six months. It worked well for me.
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            Take a one week break, remeasure on your last break day, and (if the gains are satisfactory and you choose to remain with the same routine) reset your next cycle's volume to a new baseline using the "2 steps forward/ 1 step back" or resetting reps. Essentially, you average the lowest and highest rep counts of the previous cycle to get the new figures.
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              Taking a break is a smart thing to do, but make sure you have an end date. Last time I took a brake, it ended up in an 18 month one.
              Not a great idea if you want to keep making progress .

              Glad to be back though!