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  • Best way to make gains for beginner

    Has anyone gotten to 8 inch Bpel? If so which method did you use to get there. Was it hanging or pumps? Or did you opt for both alongside jelqing to make the fastest gains.

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    I have gained about 14mm / 9/16" through a combination of JP90, air pumping and extending. I was very close to 8" BPEL when starting however so my response is probably not highly relevant to your "actual" question (I assume that you are implying a starting length in the average range and therefore a big overall length increase).

    My advice based on my personal experience (documented in my progress thread) would be to ensure you are properly conditioned with a good beginner routine such as JP90 and exhaust any newbie gains from same first before adding devices. I added a pump element to my jP90 routine initially after feeling I had exhausted newbie gains /reached a plateau. I then experimented with a basic rod extender and moved on to vac extending due to difficulties achieving suitable extender duration with the strap. I credit the vac extender with getting my length gains moving again however I am currently waiting on replacement sleeves so back to manual stretches in combination with low vacuum air pumping.

    My one word of caution would be, don't rush too much and risk injury.


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      A lot of people will say to do JP90, which is a good routine if you want to condition yourself for advanced manual exercises. Note that most people make serious gains with devices, especially hanging. If you are not willing to throw down over $100 (or more) for an extender or hanger then go that route. Some have made great gains with manuals, but a lot need devices.
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        Follow the great advice of the members above.

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          Make sure you place EQ at the top of your list of priorities. You'll potentially make much better size gains with higher EQ.
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