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  • Penis look small

    Why my penis look small in mirror? 5.6" NBPEL and 5.2" MEG. My girth is above average but when I put him in hand it feels tiny so I am wondering if the studies are true, that average girth is about 4.7" because I feel tiny with this 5.2".

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    Yep this mental effect is common onsite.


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      Porno disease if I may call it, you are looking at the mirror and in your head is an image of a penis you've seen in porn or some photo taken from a perspective that makes things look much bigger, also if your dick naturally points upward it will look smaller but what matters is what it does inside a woman, measured size is real size no matter the perspective and rulers don't lie
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        Personally, I Have only had one penis to look at. It is the only one I have seen erect in person, and the only one I have nothing to compare to. I know that I can't wrap my hand around it when erect, yet it still looks small to me. Truth is, I have nothing to compare it to other than freaks of nature who get paid to display theirs and use them to do things I will never be able to.

        Live life for yourself, love who you are. Don't compare to your neighbor, do the best you can with what you have. You have nothing to worry about, you are above average and should get no push back at all. Life is fun, start enjoying it and not worrying about it.
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          AVG girth is between 4.24 and 4.74".
          Depending the where you get the AVG from!