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Are negative PI's neccessary for growth?

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  • Are negative PI's neccessary for growth?

    Hey gang. I'm 1 month-ish into my routine and I've measured 0 gains so far but I'm still trucking. Doing JP90's routine and following it religiously. Warmups, stretches, warm downs and all.

    I haven't seen any real negative PI's yet and I'm wondering if maybe I'm not doing it right? Like should everyone experience newbie spots? Because I haven't yet. Is it possible to go the entire PE experience without any negative PI's and experience growth?

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    One month is way too soon to expect results.
    the "90" in the JP90 is for 90 days, meaning 3 months.
    Negative PIs are the ones that tell you you are doing too much, back off.
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      No, negative PIs are negative, meaning you are overtraining or doing something wrong, you want your PIs to be a mix of positive and neutral and preferably all positives but keep in mind you could be getting positive PIs and not gain which would mean you are undertraining, for now you want stuff like better morning woods, good flaccid hang, better EQ, if you are getting those you are on the right track
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        Oh that's exactly the information I was looking for. Thanks so much guys, I'll keep going. See you in another month!


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          The only time negative PIs should be expected is towards the end of a training cycle when the natural course of progress begins to round out- and it's usually a signal it's time for a layoff break soon.
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            just use penimasterpro....their are no gains with jelging, pumps(unless u pump prior to using penimasterpro as they suggest at their site for blood supply and enlarging cells but pumps are not for growth, that's only temporary as all cheopo devices and jelging pills etc.thats why you don't make gains and if you do its only for a short time.the only thing that works is TIME UNDER TENSION and it takes 3 months for it to be up to 6 hrs a day approx if it takes 3 months that's PROOF that all the other things don't work, but simple minds believe all this stuff. only TIME UNDER TENSION.te your time.FIRM FACT don.t was