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    Lately my erection cant stand up for more than a few seconds. It normally is 90 degrees from my body but if I stop stimulating it like instantly starts falling down but my shaft is hard still, just having trouble have it stand up. Is this effects of stretching only? I don't jelq and just started stretching with a higher degree of erection % since I cant stay flacid at all for my stretching.

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    Have you done a lot of lig stretching?

    How is your hormone levels.?


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      Yeah I do a lot of stretching, and I don't know my hormones especially because I never did a test. I think my EQ has a lot to do with the way im stretching now so I dialed it back a little bit.


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        I would get a hormone test and pot the numbers . Do not accept being told normal post the numbers.


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          Im past due for a physical, so when I go to the doctor should I ask for a blood test or a hormone test? I wouldn't know since I never did it.


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            The hormone test is a blood test . You want total testosterone, the ratio of test to estrogen can also be important .
            Free test is good to have if you can get it done by sensitive method however they usually use a guesstimate method which is useless .

            Follow the directions like time of day to get it done etc as this can affect the result.