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    Hello everyone. Iím completely new here, and have never done PE before. My length is 6.75 and my girth is the average 4.5. I want girth gains. The problem is I really DONíT want length gains. Iím already long enough, and I fear if I get longer I wonít be able to penetrate my girlfriend completely. Does anyone have advice on a complete beginner routine that targets girth, not length? Thanks everyone!

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    Think of PE like going to the GYM, it takes TIME...


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      As I understand it jelqing often leads to length gains as well. Is there a certain way of performing it that youíre referring to. Thanks for the reply.


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        I have this same question. It seems like most of the girth targeted exercises are not given in the main beginner exercise routines.


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          Jelqing with a higher erection level (50-70%, I believe, but no more) will target girth more. V-Jelqs should target girth more. JP90 should be fine to start out with to condition yourself before starting the more advanced exercises targeting girth. Use more lube and less force so you're not stretching lengthwise, but still moving blood. I think a little length will happen regardless when you're first starting out. You can also look into pumping. Read through "START HERE!" at the top left of the page. Lots of good info.


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            Squeeze is bundled stretches and clamping are all growth intensive exercises but youíll find that many guys receive some links games in the process. These are also not under the beginner routine because most girth exercises are pretty advanced and you would need eight well conditioned unit to do them or else your risk hurting yourself. My personal favorite and the only one thatís giving me any Gaines is the bundled stretch. I got my first 1/8-1/4Ē in girth after about 30 days, I fed pretty low intensity routine. in your case you would probably want less outward stretch but perhaps more torque in the twist