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how often do you switch routines?

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  • how often do you switch routines?

    been on this routine for a little over a month now
    started at 50 wets jelqs 70% EQ (now at 130 reps)
    then 15 erect kegels
    followed by stop and starts
    I LOVE the routine but after how long do you switch it? after 6 weeks week ill do a week off and get back to it? thats what t i was thinking mabye start pumping? any opinions my dudes?
    ALSO note been doing PE 3 months no measurable gains bit have had EQ gains in real encounters.

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    I stay with the same routine for 6-12 months, because it takes a long time to see growth and I like to max out gains with one routine before switching

    It's too soon to tell if you're routine will be effective. If you're seeing good expansion and feeling a good amount of stretch then keep going. You could bump up the amount of jelqs you do to 150 or 3 sets of 50, but may want to play with slowing down your jelqs and doing 100 or less.
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      I’ve been using the JP90 for over 10 months. Couldn’t be happier.
      My Progress Log:

      Start (01/01/18)
      PBEL = 6.25, MEG = 5.00

      PBEL = 7.25, MEG = 5.00

      PBEL = 7.00, MEG = 5.00

      Next Goal

      PBEL = 7.25, MEG = 5.25


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        i will keep this routine and then add more jelqs. do you feel adding a bathmate once I am around 250 jelqs is ok?


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          I have a few routines that I cycle through. Generally 4 months of maintenance then 2 of intense.

          When I started out I would change after a month if I was not satisfied. Maybe two. Then I settled into a pattern, about 10 months after onset.

          I'd say the only reason to change is if it is not working. If it works, don't fix. Just take breaks.
          03/2015 Start <Able to last ~ 2 mins PIV>
          12/2019 EL: +2.2 MEG: +1 <Able to last 60+ mins PIV>


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            As long as a routine is producing satisfactory gains, stick with it!
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