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  • I NEED GIRTH HELP! Beginner

    What's up everybody,

    I've been a member of Pegym for some years, now but I've never officially started a specific routine. Over the years I just read articles, forums, etc to learn a lil bit. But now I think its time for me to FINALLY get started. I've done jelqing & kegels before but never consistently, I did it once or twice just to see how it was.

    Long story short, I'm 25 years old and in need of MORE TIPS FOR GIRTH ROUTINES & LASTING LONGER IN BED.
    Last year I did a post (link below) asking for tips on lasting longer, so I appreciate those comments. I'll keep those tips saved.

    Ultimately I just want GIRTH I know my length is average I'm at about [7 & 1/4in - 7 & 1/2in] I haven't really measured girth but I know I'd like more. Girls in the past say its a nice size just slimmer than they'd like. My wife doesn't really mind, it's more a personal thing. I know she'd love it more if I were thicker & lasted a lil longer. lol.

    So yeah feel free to comment & let me know what I should start with first since I'm a total beginner, never done a routine.

    Thanks in advance. God bless


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    Humble braging gets called out a lot here so i have to say that haveing read onsite for some time you should know your length is over average .

    Hard to believe over the time you have read onsite you never measured girth.

    Re stamina start by reading the stickies in the pre e forum they are applipical to general stamina.


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      So... you've been reading posts on this site for years... and now that you've finally decided to start PE... you would now like us to tell you what to do? Have you learned nothing in all that time?

      25 years old, been a member here for years and you've never ever taken a girth measurement.
      You believe 7.25 - 7.5" is average length...

      Starting size (Dec 2016):
      7 inch BPEL
      4.5 inch Girth

      Current size:
      8 inch BPEL
      5 inch Girth


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        Iím not on this site every single day, when I said a memember I was saying Iíve had an account for awhile.
        Iím on Pegym like once every 6 months.
        The last time I logged in was to post that post from last year.

        I measured girth years ago, but I donít remember it.
        All Iím asking for is advice bro.


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          Apply heat. Do girth exercises. Put on a cock ring to keep it engorged for a while.

          Increase intensity as your PIs allow.

          Nice thing about girth exercises is that there are plenty that you can do while continuously applying heat. More heat = more pliable tissues and vascular dilation = more growth.
          01Jun18: BPEL 6.75, MSEG 5.0
          04Aug18: 7.375x5.5
          12Sep18: 7.5x5.375 (haven't had time for ULIs)

          Goal: 7.5-8 x 5.5-6. Almost there!

          Heat makes all the difference.